Sunday, July 05, 2009

Henna Hysteria

Sunday was a lazy, lovely day. It just hit me, it's been so long since I've stayed at "home" the entire day on a weekenday. I slept at seven in the morning, opened my eyes at 11 closed it back and checked the time again at 2. Finally decided to get up a couple of hours later and freshened up.

I watched the reality T.V. show of Denise Richards for half an hour with the girls (meaning mommy and daughter) went upstairs and surfed the internet. Hannah found a box of henna she bought a year ago (12 cones for RM24 at MyDin) and started going crazy over it.

The temporary hippie. Doesn't it look like she consumed narcotics and did all this while she was high? That butterfly on her leg is "Japanese" or an excuse for the crappy shape, LOL.

Lower leg: Japanese butterfry, as Hannah says. Right foot: Scattered paw prints.

Right side thigh: Tribally designed flower. Left hand: Creative random plant design.

I wanted one too! I Googled for tattoo designs and saw this pretty yet simple butterfly image. While she was hysterically dying herself with henna all over her body I attempted to outline the design on myself with an eyeliner.

I only managed to draw the upper outer layer of the butterfly, it was hard for me because I located it onto my left chest. Right above my heart :] I didn't position it there intentionally for that reason but I'm gonna make it sound symbolic. *woo*

Hannah did a great job simplifying the butterfly, I was little doubtful at first 'cus of the day she drew a moustache on me unevenly. *hugs* Good job, sista!

Now to make it semi-permanent. I really felt like I was in a tattoo salon lying on their chair awaiting for the tattooist to ta-tat me!

There was a tingling sensation when the very fine tip of the cone scratched my skin gently, brown smelly paste gushing onto the marked draft.

This is called editing and organizing pictures past midnight. I don't know what happened, I DON'T KNOW. Watermarking my name there is a cover up for the empty space.

Half an hour later I entered the shower room and voi la, fresh henna-dyed skin is vibrant maroon. I had reservations about exhibiting this picture but logically this covered up a whole lot more than wearing a bikini.

Once it oxidizes it'll turn dark orange and then brown after a few days.

Hannah looked like an extremist in body modification, I wanted one more! Mmmm... my... FOOT. Spongebob is too hard to draw out, not a fan of Hello Kitty so the easiest would be Mickey Mouse. Three circles only!

Repeating the three steps. Outlining, tracing and drying. I really like the Mickey Mouse, must show it off when wearing heels. No sneakers for a week! :D

Why tattoo when you can dye different designs on yourself everytime?

P/S: Thanks dear for helping me apply the henna so nicely. It's so much fun being with you, muah.


Wilson Ng said...

Hmm.. i want a transformers logo ok?

Missyve said...

Sure! Decepticon or Autobots? :P