Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Girls' Day In

It all started with a question, "Zoe, can I experiment on you?" And my reply was, "Uhhh... ouh-kay." I asked what it was about and she wanted to put eye make-up on me, a gothic look. So as she gathered her cosmetic tools I took this with the webcam to see the drastic difference in the end.

*wears hairband* Five minutes later I was turning into one of them Ju-Ons!!!

Nah, she was applying purple concealer all over my eyes as the base. You can save concealer by mixing it with foundation and petroleum jelly together, then you won't have to use so much. I signed up for make-up classes last year and asked her if she wanted to join so we both have a little knowledge in making up.

It looks more like smokey eyes than gothic. Draw designs on your face by first using a white eyelining pencil. She stucked fake eyelashes on me.

Goths aren't supposed to have a tanned face so I applied a very fair color of powder on my face afterwards. We were getting hungry so we ordered pizza, I received an offer from Celcom about Domino's which offered us to buy a regular and getting the second one for three ringgit!

I LOVE their pizzas, cheaper than Pizza Hut and tastier. They arrived in 15 minutes, how in the world do they do it?! Hannah wanted Classified Chicken while I had Tuna Temptation. Yeap, two girls eating two regular pizzas. We managed to finish it, it wasn't that big anyways.

She didn't want to be part of it at first. I said it was only fair if I experimented back on her and she agreed in the end (I had to coax her into it with persuading ideas like "we could camwhore together!") I took out my make-up case and thought about what look I wanted. Green concealer is for covering pimples while the beige one if for under eye circles.

I did the same concealer base step, I took a long look at my 40-color eyeshadow palette and began. First and foremost, white eyeshadow under her eyebrows to highlight everything.

Sparkling gold eyeshadow all over her eyelids and baby pink on the outer corner of her eyes. I figured it was a bit too plain and added a hint of dark blue in the center. I was going for a very Spring-feeling colorful combination that would suit a sweet light-colored dress at knee length. Using gel/mousse eyeliner I lined the eyes and covered it with green eyeshadow using an angled brush.

I extended the green lining up to her brows and finished it by pairing pink beside it. Like it? :D

This is my idea of a colorful, jolly, spring-time eye look. Isn't she pwetty?

So basically she did what she liked on me and vice-versa. I didn't like my make-up not because she did a crappy job but I'm not into thick/heavy eye makeup. At least now I know how I look like when I'm emo.

She did my nails too! Painted the entire nail black, color the tips white... I'll show the pictures in another post.

So which one do you prefer? Happy and healthy or gothic and grave-lookin'?

The next time you see me I won't be needing cosmetics to look dead.

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