Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ghost of Girlfriends Past

I received a pair of movie tickets from Nuffnang after writing about Ghost of Girlfriends Past. I watched it last Thursday at One Utama's TGV. It was a fun day, I visited Monash University after morning prayer meeting so I was kinda out the whole day. A movie premiere was a great way to end it.


Well, well, well. I had no clue what the movie was about since the release was postponed till almost two months later in Malaysia. I forgot what I wrote and what I read of the movie's description. Hope I won't spill out too much as to spoil the whole 'novelty'. Em, basically Connor Mead (Matthew McConaughney) learned how to pick up women from his Casanovanic uncle - Wayne Mead. His uncle passes away and later on his younger brother, Paul (Breckin Meyer), was going to get married to Sandra (Lacey Chabert).

Connor is a love imbecile, he even offers an escape to his brother out of what Connor thinks will be a regretted proposal. Arriving late for the wedding rehearsal, saying atrocious things about commited conjugal love also deeply offending all close friends and family members. His old uncle Wayne decides to teach him a lesson and pronounced three ghosts who would bring him back to his girlfriends (note: not girlfriend's) past.

He thinks he's gone nuts just hallucinating under the influence of alcohol. He becomes a little clumsy and looselipped which in turns maddens his brother's fiance when she found out an old secret resulting the wedding to be called off. Just as all hope seemed lost, he wakes up from the illusory experience. In the ghostly visitation, Connor was forced to face the emotions he buried to protect himself from heartache, with a little glimpse into the future what would have taken place if the wedding did not take place.

He desperately chases the bride and persuades her to give Paul another chance. Reasoning as if he was a believer of love the bridemaids overhearing couldn't believe their ears, how did he change overnight? Jenny (Jennifer Garner) was amazed at how different Conner became, she was actuall his first love and Connor influenced by uncle Wayne's advice about spooning and mushy relationships hurt her badly.

Whoa, am I describing out too much? Better stop before I go overboard. Basically, a romance comedy, hilarious but not a lot of people got the subtle sarcasm which was kinda what made it all funny. I love the movie, definitely wouldn't mind watching it a second time. 5/5

Catch it just 3 days from today. Thank you, Nuffnang.


Hui Fen said...

hey! i watched that... in DVD. haha. :D
the movie is quite ok i thought.. :)

Missyve said...

Pirated one! It's not out yet in Malaysia, LOL. It's funny, no?

Hui Fen said...

yea. its funny. haha. especially when he got scared by all the the ghosts.
but quite pathetic too, some scenes. make me feel so pity of him, suddenly. lol.