Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Four years

Happy birthday to me, I am four years old. Puzzling? No, I wasn't born on February 29. Well, back in 2005 on this very day... I was baptised! You know, it's called being born again. It was at Jurong West, the previous City Harvest Church location with their impressive underground architectural building. I was a Christian for almost two years and my cell group leader Sherling (E168) persuaded all those who weren't baptised to sign up for it.

This is the easiest way to get an English name officially without the hassle of going to court. I was considering at that time whether I should change mine, hmm... Rose? Annabelle? Bubbles or Pikachu? Nah, I'll stick with Zoe.

Pastor Ariel was the one laying hands. He would just say a short prayer, submerge our heads underwater and we're good to go.

EVERYONE had a nice shot, well, the last one excepted. She had her face in it at least, mine was an epic... T.T

Whatever la, I wanna retake it. Can I do a second water baptism?

My cell group E145 was very sweet. They made a card for me and Lisha (Gwen) bought an apple for me to eat to signify I was the apple of God's eyes. Aww! A pity she backslided ._. I didn't experience any paranormal effects I just know that I was very awkward. I was wearing long white pants and a white shirt I borrowed from someone with only a singlet for protection.

Nope, I didn't have boobies when I was 12. I still don't I think. Air went into my pants when I dipped into the pool, so I was flattening my pants trying to let it escape but it floated to the top. Making my butt and crotch looking huge with that big air bubble. Yeah, good ol' days. I sorta miss Singapore right now. You can view the entire photo album of everyone else here, I was the 36th participant.

Back to the question, can I have another water baptism?! I'll pose for the camera this time.

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