Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dear Dairy dings.

Dear chocolate dairy,

I'm awfully hungry. I've been eating LOADS. Every week this month there's one day when I fully junk out. Such as on the first week I ate a whole regular pizza AND an extra piece. Last week I had eight doughnuts and this week I ate two pieces of cakes for dinner. Actually, you're not THAT nice. Way too sweet but I just love your creamy chocolatey body.

I would like to sandwich you, I'm sure you'll taste great with bread. Or I'll just melt you and spread you on like butter with another layer of Nutella on top. Sip a little hot malt chocolate and pop in some Malteser balls in between bites. The ultimate chocolatey experience, yum.

Wish you didn't contain so much sugar, biggest turn off but your price is reasonable. We need change, we need chocolate.

God, it would be SO nice.


simonso said...

ahh thank god im not a choco fann :P

Missyve said...

That's sad. :P