Friday, July 10, 2009


I like to... organize. Like for my drawers, I seperate denim from other materials, long sleeve, shirts, shorts, spaghettis, etc. I'm very particular about my space and stuff. When I was in primary four there was a girl, not going to disclose her name just know that she was very inconsiderate.

She wanted to come over my place, a bungalow in J.B. Came over, insulted my clothes, tortured my hamster whose name was Booker-T. Yeah, I watched a lot of WWF last time with my brother and my hamster was black, the same species as Zohan. You don't wanna know how it died.


I brought it to Singapore by keeping it in my pocket. I know I shouldn't have but I was 10 and I missed him so very much every time I was in class. The first time was fine but a guy named Aziz who was the class monitor threatened to tell on me unless I brought Booker-T to school again for him to see.

I was so naive, that's a nice word for stupid. So I did. I named him Booker-T 'cus he would bite sometimes such a hustler like that wrestler. Finally that asshole Aziz saw him, after school I went to a stationery shop behind my school (Fuchun Primary) and without realizing till minutes later he fell out.

I ran back and looked for him, gave the staff my number to dial when they found him. Two days later I was told he bit the air-conditioning cable and got electrocuted to death. OMG. I KNOW. I'M A MURDERER IT WAS ALL MY FAULT. I bought another hamster a few months later.

What was I even talking about in the first place? Right, that inconsiderate girl. She went into my room, checked my clothes by flipping it out of my closet and I had to nicely fold them and place them back into the drawers.

Pointless stories I tell. I'm just merely beating around to bush to say I have a decoy Facebook account. Just for my family members, relatives, family friends and losers.

I've been clearing quite a lot of people out from my actual account. People I don't know/forgotten/never met/felt awkward knowing what I do. There's this persistent aunty, who's a very, very nice and beautiful woman of God that kept on adding me despite rejecting her several times. I LOVE HER BUT... I just can't have her seeing me swear or cuss or upload photos that... isn't so Christian?

No. I'm not guilty of sinning. I simply find it weird having relatives on my social-networking account. So with this inactive, dubious account I will add all those who I have rejected. Don't call me mean, just like how you would behave appropriately in front of your in-laws/BF or GF's parents and have fun with your friends. Would consider yourself being fake?

Manners. If I were disrespectful I wouldn't bother doing this and block them. Whatever la, I hate doing fake things just for my own privacy. Had to make a fake blog to keep my mom off this one and now a f-ing account for my relatives and family friends.



Omar said...

Hear hear! I know the feeling of having relatives (or old adversaries - trying to keep track of every move of mine, sly b*stards!) on your social-networking page. And because of that I've had to stray away from having a facebook account, I just couldn't cope with the idea of rejecting friends/relatives or mere acquaintances knowing what I had for dinner last night. FB might have a privacy settings option - but still, I think it helps me in getting a good nights sleep not thinking about what's going on in my virtual life. Heh.
Facebook's great to get in touch with long lost friends and kindergarten crushes but I guess it's not really my cup of tea. There used to be this social-networking site started by Google in 2003 by the name of Orkut, it probably still exists - but it taught me to stay away from friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, man..everyones connected somehow! it's a pain in the neck - makes me believe this worlds a small place - and I'd like to think otherwise :(
You know what? I kinda enjoy it now when people ask me why I'm not on facebook. Hah. They probably think I have a life. Or so I want them to believe? Hmmm..

Missyve said...

Omar- Yeah, it's ridiculous what you have to do just for your own comfort/privacy. Some people don't take rejection very well, they take it personally and gets offended. More annoying when people who don't know you start adding you for fun.

LOL, gotta say, you do save a lot of time from avoiding FB.