Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bye bird.

Sunday was quite eventful for me, I visited an orphanage home after the third service and shopped at Sunway Pyramid for this week's church gala dinner. Bought two dresses and a pair of heels. Sales are just GREAT! I've stuck to my vow.

Going back 'home' brought about arguments all over again. As I was in my room preparing to take shower I heard two birds crash into my window that was already open. The curtains covered everything so in my head I was saying, "OH gosh, go out go out go out go out." I was prepared to run if they flew in. Frozen at the door with my hand at the door knob there wasn't any sound so I showered. Came out wrapped in a towel I slowly tiptoed into my room.

I checked the ceiling, walls and furniture for any avian figure. Immediately after closing the door a bird dashed out through the curtains hitting the ceiling fan but managed to fly to the corner and clinged onto the beam. "MOOOOOOOM."

"Hah..?" she responded unbothered by the urgency in my voice.
She ignored me and I raised my voice a tone higher, "MOM!"
"What?" Lazy to come upstairs.

What if it was a real emergency, I'd be dead by the time she gives a damn. Anyhoo, she came up minutes later when there was a commercial break and I told her about the bird. Brilliantly, she flung open the curtain and the SECOND bird hurled straight towards the fan and crashed to the floor. Blood squirted out from his injured left wing.

"OMFG YOU MURDERER" I kept that thought to myself. She called Tze to come out and he slid a piece of paper underneath it. Birdie was still alive; breathing and looking around. We brought him, assuming it's gender, to the living room and I talked a bit (yes, I love talking to animals). "Are you okay? You're gonna be fine and you'll be my pet. Limme think of a name for you..." He started flapping his wings and fell to the ground.

Tze couldn't stop insulting the birds. "Stupid bird." was all he could say about them. You're not that smart, prick. I covered my hands with tissue and petted him, injured birdie seemed to relax a little. The other bird was still in my room and now I'm wondering if it shat anywhere.

Simply staring at the bird, grinning at the irony that it was lying on a picture positioned right in the middle to appear to have angel wings behind him. Not taking my eyes off him he seemed to struggle to breathe and stopped.

My eyes widened, "NO NO NO.. WAKE UP BIRDIE WAKE UP. Birdie.. BIRD?!" Yeah, I was totally OMG! =O

Tze was sitting beside me on the sofa, he shook the paper to see if Birdie was still alive. The head tilted to the other side due to the force and retardingly Tze and my mom thought it was alive. I shifted it into a plastic bag and embraced him hoping he'd come back to life somehow.

Nope :( It didn't. T.T Fly freely in heaven where hopefully you won't bump into school buses or ceiling fans. You were a really pretty bird.


Simon Seow said...


Corynn said...

Poor birdie. What happened to the other one?

simonso said...

Awww.. pretty coool drawing at the back of the sparrow tho...

Missyve said...

Simon- Amen.

Corynn- It flew out in the morning.

simonso- My brother stole that from somewhere, he's studying in TOA.

simonso said...

TOA? Cool, no wonder he has such talent :P