Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bangsar, baby!

Yesterday was so... how do I say it, strangely enjoyable. I went out with Denise, Shari and Agnes to Bangsar. I believe it was my first or second time there but only yesterday did I really get to explore the area. It had the downtown atmosphere, just like in Pasir Ris (Singapore).

Shari was telling us about her friend recommending 'the best tiramisu in town'. Where was it? Guess... hmm, all these liquor bottles.

All those heavenly cakes.

We were at a very classy wine bar, Alexis Bistro.

Upon stepping in, the third thing that caught my eye (next to the liquor and cakes) was the specially decorated and reserved table at the very end. The only table with lamps dimmed with paper that had nice quotes on 'em.

All of us sat down and they were ordering food. I started folding the bistro's paper coaster, if that's what it's called.

I needed a square piece of paper. Wonder why? Ponder for a little while longer and figure out what I was trying to make. Origami doesn't seem to be so popular here but it sure was in Canada where we would go for origami classes and learn all sorts of folding technics. You can easily do it yourself by buying books that give step by step illustrations.

I was sitting beside the ever cute Shari.

Denise and Agnes sat opposite of us... on the CUSHION T.T Just the four of us hanging out, was a little strange I admit. I have never hung out with my church-mates before. Fellowshipping is different, it's compulsory, like after service/cell group meeting supper.

Spaghetti was average, nothing awesome in particular. 3.5/5
*not a food review*

Beef and chips? Don't know what it was called, not my type of dish. The salad had a strange taste, fries was nice (never tasted nasty fries except my mom's) and the beef was... chewy. That's the best I can describe it... CHEWY and fatty. Em, 3/5?

I couldn't eat my heart out 'cus I had durians before that and we all know durian are so filling. Now isn't this symbolic? A paper heart on a plate, yummy.

Most importantly is to share with others some delicious love.

I do find it moronic when people call hearts love. No, it's not love demmit but a symbol of it. What truly is love? CHOCOLATES OF COURSE. *sings Cadbury's chocolatey world song* Wouldn't it be nice? I can literally say, "Bite me." And I wouldn't feel a thing, my blood would be brown... let's not go there. I'm getting distracted, must buy Maltesers later.

Time to dig in. The right one is chicken potato salad. Okay laaa, it had peas with pods in them.
Call me misses obvious if you want. 2.5/5

We finished everything within half an hour, excited for dessert. The tiramisu cake costing RM15.

Desserts and junk food are great ways to fill in that hole/unoccupied space in your heart. Haven't found your other half? EAT THEM FULL! Who needs boys when you have bakeries selling fabulous cakes *drools*. That's when you reverse this rhyme "girls rule and boys drool" to "girls drool and boys turn PLU."

What claimed to be "the best tiramisu in town" was actually a mixture of a spongy, creamy and tiramisu layer capped a nutty top. I was expecting a pure tiramisu god-blessed cake. This was more of a light delightful appetizer. Yep, it made me a little hungry afterwards.

I pinky-promise you, I could of eaten 5 pieces of that. Not worth the money, I'd rather buy Secret Recipe cakes. I stopped eating theirs not only because they increased the price of their cakes BUT ALSO reduced the cutting size. How cheap! Comparing an average RM15 cake to smaller orgasmic cakes that increased by a dollar opened my eyes.

I'm sorry, love. I will come back to you cakes. What a fool I was, what a fool. Wanna know how to fold hearts? Don't waste paper and remember the 3 Rs.

Get a square piece of paper or measure one out from a rectangular one. If your parents have never taught you, fold half a triangle by folding the corner to the opposite side. Cut it/rip it off. Neh, square lor! Fold it back into a triangle and again to a half just to get the auxiliary crease right in the middle. Fold the top tip/apex of the triangle down, just a little less than half.

Fold both of the sides vertically up. Open up the pocket when you finished pressing down the outline to make it firm. Make sure they're even. Flatten the pocket and you'll see a square head, do it one the other one as well.

It would be a really pointy heart leaving it just like that so soften the edges by bending the corners a little. This is the back.

This is the only method I know of of making a heart in Origami. I'm aware there are other ways that covers both sides but I learned how to do this when I was around 5 so I'm sticking with it. A Japanese man gave me a birthday card for my 5th birthday, it was beautiful. Personally made by him, he folded mini cranes, flowers and bugs and glued/stuck them on the card. Portraying a peaceful scenery in the park/grasslands.

One particular origami form caught my eyes, it was the heart. When I returned back to origami class I wanted asked him to teach me how to do it but the teacher taught me instead. I think I never got the chance to see him. I would love to meet him again, he should be in his fourties by now.

Oh I love Japanese things; their food, people and traditional art!

Denise was treating all of us to dinner! Whoa, her company reached the targeted sales and incentively offered RM99 off whatever meals they ate. Our dinner bill was a little under 200, I thanked Denise by giving her the bigger heart-folded paper. Big loves!

Thank you, dear. Rather than selfishly spending it on yourself (something I would of done), you shared it with us. Must mix with better influences more often to become a better person.

I thought that was it, time to go home. NOPE, we went shopping. There are so many boutiques in Bangsar... nice and cheap as well. I love off-shoulders! I've been looking for something like that white top ever since watching 200 Pound Beauty. The material wasn't comfortable and the quality was poor so I didn't buy it. The dress was nice but the only thing I got was the belt.

My first waist belt! RM17.90, I was thinking about whether to buy it and when I did, Shari and Agnes decided to buy it for me 'cus it was my first one ever. ZOMG, LOVESSS!* The sweetest thing ever by my ex-CG mates, especially when I've been here for two years and both times my cell group never celebrated my birthday.

I liked the dress a lot, finding the occasion to wear it was the problem. Not a dinner dress, not a clubbing one either, to me it seemed more like an emcee outfit. Meant for hosting on stage and all that.

We walked around Blook, Shari and Denise bought a delicate full-body dress and a white pencil skirt respectively. Blook has so many bloody beeturehfiWLMDFEL clothes and that was when I turned materialistic and changed my lifelong goals from volunteering for WWF to earning millions of bloody dollars and buying all them feuhiewoha;hi dresses/tops/shoes/gorgeous things for myself.


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