Sunday, June 28, 2009

Urban PAC

Nigel came a little (a lot actually) later than I did and Shaz popped two tickets out of nowhere for Mikel and I. We went to the ticket counter and exchanged it for a paper wrist band which would allow us entry into pretty much everything.

The Flea Market. I applied some sunscreen on my legs before that so I wasn't too bothered by the sun, my face got a tan though! :(

Urbanscapes presented in a very Hollywood fashion. Loved the balloons, dozens of people stole them. I wonder if we were allowed to take them... not that I did.

I saw Joyce Wong, the um, management editor eeee, I forgot what she said but her tag says: All Access! My face is huge compared to hers, she's so petite and hot. I feel like wrapping my face with a cling wrap.

We walked into the building, way cooler, all air-conditioned especially when a 10-minute walk through the bazaar made us parched. This was in the middle of the doorway, guppies were in the bowls. I had an awful feeling the ink from the newspapers were seeping into the water...aye.

I saw Albert, one of the photographers in my latest photoshoot that snapped loads of ugly pictures of me. Remember, it's not you, it's me. :D I told the lady beside him, "You're SHANNON GOHHH!" And she was a little surprised about how I knew her name suspecting that I was some stalker but it was because she was the emcee of Runway 101. A weird vibe between Mikel and Albert o.O

So it was getting a little stagnant down there just standing and watching the crowd move about. We headed upstairs and this gentleman was trying to sell us The Idea Cards (I forgot what the name was) for nine bucks. He kept comparing it to a pack of cigarettes because the box was in the same size but it was filled with cards made creatively. I don't smoke or play cards or would pay nine bucks for a... I'd rather buy lip balm :/

Good luck anyways.

Reminds me of Lily Allen's MTV 'The Fear'. It's like a mini carnival with all that classical white covert on top.

I don't know what band this is but I love their music, sure it's Malay and I didn't understand a single word but the tune was rock pop and I did record a few minutes of their performances. Great that Malaysia is starting to have talented music bands and I hope they won't just be a one-hit-wonder.

It was still early so there wasn't much of a crowd. Urbanscapes was from 12P.M.-12A.M. and it was only 1:20P.M.

We were dying, it was like hell on Earth in Malaysia. Everyone who was there in the afternoon can testify that the weather was a killer. What a smart business extortion, one chilled 500ml water bottle costs 3 ringgit. Mikel's a great photographer laaa, he REALLY knows how to pose and snap pictures. Why, of course, he took this picture of me. I am now a tone darker thanks to Urbanscapes, perhaps selling umbrellas just might of hit it off.

This is the second post covering the outside activities. I was very impressed by that music band and other perfomances after. It's fantastic that KLPac is one of the few art hubs in Malaysia, I believe it's going to help breed so many amazing artistes here. K.L. Performing Arts Center is also pushing the creative/entertainment industry here to another height and that's awesome! Malaysians are now able to express themselves in ways that weren't so known before, I'm sure it's a great start.

As for now I'm going to start applying whitening lotion by Nivea.

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