Saturday, June 27, 2009

Urban Milk

I was able to go for Urbanscapes thanks to Nigel, he had two extra tickets but I ended up not using it at all. =l Getting there was a problem and I heard Splashmilk was going so I called him up and we had a breakfast date together.

The last time we had a date was Valentine Eve!

Yes, he's a sweetie. We went to Restoran Kin Kin (Kin Kin Restaurant) at Cheras for pan mee. It was a different one from the one Simon brought me to, I didn't eat there anyways.

Mikel said what made pan mee so famous and special was actually the chilli spices.

So here he goes adding a spoonful to his bowl and loving it later. I mixed mine with soya sauce and rather than burning my tongue it tinged it a little. I don't take spicy food very well, I can cry after eating some hot Thai dishes.

But pan mee is fine, I love laksa too. There's a very well-known place in J.B. along Kolam Air that sells laksa and I had that for the entire week for lunch and dinner 3 years ago.

Mixed it with soya sauce and chilli spices, looks crappy but it tastes ZOMG, wondafool. After finishing it I could of sworn to eat it everyday. It's RM4.50 :D

We left at 11:40A.M. to meet Shaz and we tailed his car to KLPac. We're finally HERE!

It was right at noon time and the sun was blazing, good thing I put on a little foundation for sun protection. Don't think it helped much in such a tortuous weather, the heat was killing everyone and I thank God I didn't get a heat stroke.

This is the first part, continue later. It's my first time coming for Urbanscapes and the second time being in KLPac. I am no longer a KLPac virgin, oh no.

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splashmilk said...

Okay... seriously. The camera is thinning me even more! Time for some weight gain!

It was fun having you there, girl.