Monday, June 15, 2009


Two days ago, I attended the morning service in church. Leonard, the brilliant person who suggested having breakfast before service and lunch afterwards said he would meet me in church at 9:30A.M. or so.

I had to ask my cell members to pick me up but they were all going for the latter service at 11 and only one member had to reach church early for duty by 8. I woke up at 7-ish, showered and rushed everything 'cus I thought I would be late and get Issey (my CG mate) into trouble.

So I only managed to slide on my face compact powder for a little sun protection and stirred blusher on my cheeks. I hate it when I rush 'cus I treat my skin rather badly. Rereading his SMS he said he would pick me up at 7:45A.M. which was NOW. I had no idea what to wear and just grabbed a long sleeve white shirt and added a black one over it.

It made me feel so teen-y. I mean, I know I am. I don't know what makes me look mature as many people have said. Is it the way I dress, act or look? I felt kinda weird but didn't have time to choose something else. DO I LOOK YOUNG ENOUGH NOW?! Tell me I look my age pl0x :l

What a bummer he didn't call to say he would go to church first and pick me up at 9. So that was how I camwhored a little, he thought I would still be sleeping without his morning call. I arrived early and sat in the 'cafeteria' and waited. I talked about college with a church friend then I made a new friend who was the boyfriend of the girl who was going to sit beside me coincidentally later during service.

Turns out, Leonard was late as well! FOR AN HOUR, ZOMG. Just like Issey, this must be my sucky, unlucky, payback day where I had to suffer for making dozens of my friends wait for me for the past two years. Anyhoo, we had a drink in a hawker center and came back.

Leonard, Zoe, Sandra and Sebestian.

LOL. He was looking at his camera while I was looking at mine.

For lunch, our first meal of the day, Sandra wanted pan mee and brought us to a nice noodle restaurant, "Face to Face" (Mian dui mian meaning noodles to noodles).I ordered vegetarian pan mee, I'm not completely vegetarian but I hardly eat poultry. Flash exposes everything, the oil bubbles doesn't make it look appetizing at all. The second one looks better, that luncheon meat better be fake!

The lower left, Sebestian's pan mee is toothsome and the last one is Sandra's.

The pan mee are all very nice. ZLSS.

I hope I didn't sound cranky earlier on, I was saying it in a whingey kind of way. It's an earful to hear me whine, I'm a meticulous person so you would get the exact time, date and day, from what happened to why and other boring stuff. I'm not fussy just a little talkative at times.

Oh yeah, Leonard said he would be bringing a model who competed in Estee Lauder's model search. I remember seeing the commercial on T.V. but I never followed up on the show. So I Googled 'Sandra Estee Lauder' and found this. She was the winner for the picture perfect title, it is a beautiful and perfect picture isn't it?

What was even better was that she responded to the altar call. Yay!
*pats Leonard's back* Now I feel even more inferior knowing all this.


Leonard said...

Sorry for keeping you waiting ya ?
I'll make it up to u soon k ? Big Big Hugs and Big Big Muakz !

Wow..U actually googled Sandra Estee Lauder ? Stalker ! *laugh*

Anyway...Let's hang out again soon ya ?.


Missyve said...

Hugs! Hahah, if I were a stalker I would have asked for her cellphone number, house number, e-mail address, home address and took a picture wit her.

Rah. Yes we should, when all of us aren't so tired/sleepy. <3

Netster said...

you look good :)

Missyve said...

Thank you Netster, not that good though.