Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shake that butty.

Caramel is the family's beloved pet, a Pomeranian. He's one dog year old meaning he's 7 years matured in human age, right? He sure is growing up fast 'cus he started getting urges and learned to feel satisfaction by humping things, such as this cute pink pillow.

Hiak! Not as innocent as you look, poppy.

The other night, a cousin came to visit and he's 9 years old. I bursted out laughing when he giggled, "Hehehe, he always shake his butti one. Don't know why he always do that wan!"

I had to be very cautious of my words when younger people are present. Before that an even younger cousin (6 years of age) was chuckling at how Caramel shook his butt in a forward and backward movement unaware of the evidential sexuallll... suggestion. I carelessly said, "Yeah he always mastur-whoops, nothing. You'll find out in 5 years."

Hannah told me to watch my words, LULZ. I had to euphemise 'ass' as 'backside'. Very Singaporean. After he said that I wanted him to repeat it but he didn't understand why it was so funny.

[When he talks about Waffles in the video, he was the previous Pomeranian who died by falling down the bed head first. Pomeranians are petite canines so please don't leave them on tall furniture. 'Tall' relative to them.]

That night, we were chatting about his new baby brother. I questioned him about a lot of things. Curious about what the boy would answer. Here's a rather short dialogue excerpted from everything we talked about.

Q: Where do babies come from?

A: Stomach lor.

Q: How did that happen? Did your mom eat something wrong? How did you guys find out she was pregnant?

A: I donno, maybe she got eat something but we ask her go doctor see then doctor say she pregnant. Then got baby lor!

Q: Aren't you scared of getting pregnant?

A: Man cannot pregnant one!

Q: How do you know?

A: I donno.

Q (not exactly): I see. So you were the only child till now.

A: Ya... I feel so happy got baby already. I wish I 4 years old ask mommmy to check doctor so that time will have baby then I won't be so lonely and no one to play with me. *complains more about a lonely childhood as being the only child for 9 years*

Q: So do you have a girlfriend?

A: No. All the girls in my school so ugly wan. And I study in Chinese school, I hate Chinese! That subject is so stupid *complains about Chinese school and bullies and caning*

Q: *laughs*


ButTeRcUp said...

haha.. just FYI, my female chihuahua does the "humping" too. why female dogs hump? i dunno. i really dunno. hah.

DanSquirrels said...

That's one kinky dog.
Its adorable how he's so oblivious to it :3

So... Mommy ate a baby.

Tzy Wen said...

yea, like the time when you saw the "big ass ant"

nice doggy btw ;)

Missyve said...

Buttercup/Kenny- I guess everyone gets horny :l (Not the horrible person Horry.)

Dan- Pretty much, or a sunflower seed.

Tzy Wen- Kids, THEY'LL GROW UP ONE DAY. I still am. Yeah, he's beautiful.