Sunday, June 07, 2009

Runway 101 @ HELP University by Dennis Khor

Supported Dennis when he organized his own modelling competition in his university *claps*. What sucked was that I was under Christock when Dennis said we would both be coming as the media. So here I am sitting beside him as his guest.

I just wanted the cool media tag.

I didn't know so many of MDG's activists were gonna be there, figures, Dennis was working for them and it is the same field. Juanita, Adelaine and... a guy who either is or looks like Phat Fabes were the judges. In respective order the second season's winner of MDG, Miss Malaysia 2007 and if I was right, a co-host of 8TV. He looks Chinese, guess he's not PF.

The first contestant to walk the red carpet.

I voted for Lisia (2) but me likes the last picture. All of my shots were blur, ugly, overexposed? The models were very nervous so they only posed for two seconds and walked away.

Simon did much, much better. Show 'em girls, Simon! I don't have Leonard's solo but he is the guru of catwalking, zomg. I should have recorded a video, demmit.

Dennis took the stand and shortly announced it was time for a break. We were all surprised as less than an hour passed and usually a typical event would make us starve way longer than that.

Jess Chong, Chris Tock, Zoe and Muff.

Don't mess with muffin and me, ngom ngom ngom.

Anis, one of the official bloggers of MDG 2.

Leonard and I are Very Intelligent People. Oh, it's so funny how we met each other. He saw me at the Ruumz event and asked for my blog address but I didn't want to give it 'cus my blog isn't like.. POPULAR or anything and when I read his 'Info' on Facebook I found out we attended the same church but never saw each other.

I would say this is the first acceptable conversation, ah...formal greeting.

There were groups in the crowd who were really supportive of their friends and I think that is one of the most important thing, they were cheering and shouting. I bet that gave the models extra confidence. Forgot who the winner was but the top 6 all walked away with Clinique goodie bags worth RM$200.

Good job, Dennis!

Simon, another official blogger of MDG 2 and the first volunteer to do the sexy walk on the red carpet. *whistles*

Anis, Zoe, Dennis, Natasha and Simon.

We loitered around for half an hour, my CG member spotted me. I didn't know she was part of the crew. They were deciding where to go for supper to celebrate with Dennis but we had to wait for them to clean up the place.

Leonard, Jess, Tock and Zoe with Watty. (I do get emotionally attached to what I consume.) Kidding.

So will there be a bigger and better Runway 101 Season 2? We'll see next year!


Bboy Rice said...

thanks for coming to our event and cover for us...
great job... =)

Leonard said...

Wow.. "GURU" of Catwalk huh ? What an Honor to have been given the title by by Miss Zoe.

Btw, who told u we're intelligent people. Mayb u are bt now me though. AHAHHAA

Good to have finally known u now.

Missyve said...

Bboy Rice- No problemo! You guys did a great job yourself. :)

Leonard- Hahaha, you were the sexiest! WAH, sarcastic now LAH. Yeah, see you tomorrow.