Sunday, June 21, 2009


I pierced my nose last Thursday, June 18th. It just came out of the blue when I was shopping with Hannah to get a Father's Day present. She also went to a silver shop and bought two necklaces with expensive pendants then I asked the girl attending to us whether her nose piercing hurt. I wasn't so sure when Hannah asked if I wanted one. We were supposed to do a belly piercing together for my 16th birthday but it never happened.

Maybe when I'm 18? :D

I called Ai Lee, a CG member of mine whether it would hurt when it pierces through. She said it wouldn't and I asked Leonard if I should pierce and he said absolutely. So with uncertainty I walked to Asian Avenue into a shop where Hannah was leading me to. I spent quite some time on the position of the dot, she kept marking it too low and mine was too near to the center. [Video of me whinging.]

I asked to escape for a little while to wash my nose in the washroom. After leaving the toilet I prayed a little with Hannah and thank God for making everything perfect. A co-worker suggested a nice spot and I believe it was destiny that it would be right there on that very place. This is me at my ugly angle chickening out, feeling if my heart was palpitating.

This is me four days later. I like! I was meeting a friend of a friend of my friend for the first time. I couldn't yawn, my nose would ache a little. It's healing well getting much better now.

I think I'm going to pierce my body when I reach the 'important ages'. Like transforming from a tween to a teen: I first pierced my tongue when I was 13 then 14 and for the last time 15. It closed the first two times because I swallowed my stud while sleeping and the second time I laughed so loudly it dropped out at Expo's MRT station.

Got a nose piercing at 16 and like I said just now, belly piercing at 18!

I'll be keeping my eyebrows, lips and genitals untouched, thank you.


Isaac Wong said...

Nuuuuuuu! Why the nose?! It's like anywhere EXCEPT the nose. :(

Nvm, you already did it. It's nice thou.

Missyve said...

What's wrong with the nose? Thanks :] said...

welcome to the same club of nose piercing! :P

Missyve said...

Your turn to get a tongue piercin :D

Isaac Wong said...

Haha, nothing is wrong. It's just..., I don't know how to put it in words. Imagine a 80 year old granny with nose piercing. Hmmm...