Sunday, June 14, 2009

The other Christmas Party 2008

I attended two Christmas parties, totalling up to 4 Christmas celebrations. This one, church service, KY's and egg nog making.

I arrived at Elaine's house rather late because we got lost and they took a long time to dye my hair for their graduation from the A Cut Above Academy, that day was the first practice. It looked great at the showdown, hair damaged and all. Face barely recognizable.

So I arrived at her place with glowing red hair, I didn't want that color but I didn't have a choice, did I? Jo...Justin, yes, Justin and I were the best dressed voted by the people. Sweet, thanks guys! I didn't know there was a contest till Elaine asked us all to write names on a piece of paper. Ironically, I voted for Justin and I'm going to find out who he voted for.

We played games. All of us held hands and a person mixed everyone up, another person had to unravel us. Hui Fen, the lady wearing a santa hat beside me said I looked like Vivi Wang. :O She's Miss Taiwan 1999, the wife of... *Wikis Jay Chou, clicks on Kung Fu Dunk, looks at starring actors* Will Liu!

By far the most flattering compliment I've ever received that year. I love you very much, Hui Fen :P Not only because she said that (la) but she sounded so sincere and unlike the other compliments I received it seemed rather casual and meaningless.

The party was a whole lot fun and the food was great. I ate the chocolate before anything and anyone because I didn't want it vanish once I glance back at it 10 minutes later and everyone was busy scooping food for themselves. I made new friends from this lovely Cell Groupy Christmas party.

We sang praise and worship songs in the beginning. The intrinsic joy in Christmas IS because it was the day our Savior was born and we all had hope again. Thanks for inviting me to your party, hope you'll organize another one again this year.

Muah and a very belated appreciation.

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