Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monster Vs. Aliens and my hair cut

A friend came over yesterday afternoon and seemed a little bored. I'm not one to ignore someone and let them be unless that person has been inconsiderate to me. So after chatting with her for a while, I asked if she wanted to 'yam cha' at The Summit. She nodded her head so we both changed and walked all the way there.

It took us about 20 minutes. Both of us haven't watch "Monsters Vs. Aliens" so when we went over to the counter the woman asked, "One adult one child?" She's really short you see, she's 17 but she's like 145cm. Gee, so insulting! I said, "Uh, eh.. *looks at friends* No? I guess. Nahh." I was giving mixed answers, the child ticket was only a dollar cheaper and I wondered if she would feel belittled.

She called me a big mouth later. -.- FINE, I'll let them all call you a kid next time and at McDonald's if they ask if you want a Kids Meal don't blame ME!

Right so, we had an hour to spare. I've been dying to cut my hair for the past two weeks but each time I had the chance to someone had a change of plans or time ran out. Joshuana introduced an unknown hair salon that her sister went to before and I decided to give it a try.

I shouldn't have. I hated it. That guy was a complete moron. He flirts with all his customers. By Aslan's Mane, woman, don't FLURT with your customers. He first said he was gonna make me gorgeous and I really didn't get what he said 'cus I heard 'gargle'. He's Cantonese so he struggled to speak to me in English.

Then he complimented me by saying I was already gorgeous but was going to make me look even better. That was when I figured he was a sweet-talker. Don't they all suck up to customers? I know I didn't look 'gorgeous' because I was a total nerd yesterday. Wore glasses, tied up my hair, casual clothes.

He couldn't stop talking abt BGR. He asked if I had a BF, then why I didn't have a BF, and said if he was my BF he'd treat me well. I felt like saying, "Leave me alone! ZOMG!" He was 29 so he was implying that younger girls like older men even if it's more than 10 years of difference. He was all so cheery and flirtatious.

By the way, I asked for a trim. Trim: 1. to put into a neat or orderly condition by clipping, paring, pruning. A trim you frolicking freak. He completely did his own thing and cut off two inches of my hair. You bastard, it took me 6 months to grow that. YES, SIX MONTHS. My hair grows in a really slow but steady pace.

I was unhappy 'cus he made us late for the movie, he did not listen to my directions at all and he flirted with me. I don't flirt, why? Partly because I don't know how to. Ahem anyways, he gave me a fringe. I didn't want any bangs, I told him that. Just trim the ends a little and out came a fringe. He went crazy with my hair, ruffled it and randomly started to snip it.

By then I was wishing his salon would die and burn to the deepest pits of hell. What I wanted was awfully different from what he DID TO ME. I told him it was too short and he said it's gonna be the same length. No you, YOU IMBECILE YOU DON'T CUT OFF 2 INCHES AND SAY IT'S THE SAME LENGTH. You epic failed math, mister.

I pretended to like it in front of him, at least it didn't turn out fugly. Just different from what I wanted which was a little trim that shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to a 40-minute hair CUT. I paid him 30 bucks and we ran off to the cinemas.

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