Thursday, June 04, 2009

Malaysian Dream Girl Second Season's Grand Finale @ The Curve

This is a picture-filled post with up to 38 pictures posted in this entry. I don't really like putting more than 10 pictures in one post, I prefer writing just that I'm not that good in describing scenes and some pictures are just meant to be vain.

Let's see, when was this when was this? 15th of May, Andrew picked Siau Wen and I up and reached The Curve at 4P.M. which was REALLY early because the show wasn't to begin till 7P.M.

I'm experienced enough to have brought slippers along knowing after hours of standing on heels my feet would ache. I brought my school bag along to do maths.

Walked to Ikea and Andrew bought 6 curry puffs.

Everyone enjoyed the curry puff!

Me, Andrew...

Evelyn and Siau Wen.

I tried to study but got carried away by Jeffro's digicam.

Teacher Andrew/Mr.Wong was my tutor for that day. He's really good at maths. O.o Thank you, you discovered 5 errors out of the 12 equations I solved.

What a bummer, why do I always have mistakes?! I get frustrated at myself whenever I leave a digit out or am unable to mentally calculate it correctly.

This is Nigel, the unfly guy. Girls from SBU ought to be offended by his comment "SBU girls suck". Sri Bintang Utara School, whoaaa. Check out the video I recorded.

Anis applying some eyeshadow and before that (in the video) Siau Wen putting mascara on her eyelashes.

Hee, isn't Anis lovely?

We sat there for an hour plus and came to the concourse where the stage was set for the models to cat walk. It's Free Hugs Day every day for Dusty Hawk and Ruin Pictures Day every time for Jeffro!! D:

I wonder where it was broadcasted to... oh yeah, the official website of MDG.

The funny thing about me is that I end up loving/being close to the people I never took notice of in the first place. I didn't care when she told Timothy she was from Penang and she did accounting (or something else for a living) and I didn't bother shaking hands and befriending her on the first Sharing Session. Surprisingly, she invited a few people for her farewell dinner and I was one of them when we hardly knew each other. I came to see what a caring sister she was in the family and loved her beautiful character.

The look on Kenny's face, LULZ. So bias!

It was also Free Kisses Day. Jeffro made it Orgy Day, yay!

Look at me, wee, I've got a pass. All thanks to Simon :)

*shows off pass*

Just like what everyone was doing.

The Sisters: The Innocent and The Devious.

I wasn't so proud when Griza's brother had a VIP pass :(

Upon surrendering our passes we received a goodie bag and an ink stamp on our hand. There was a 10% discount voucher for MNG and a 20% from Warcoal I think. I hardly shop and I made an oath to only shop during sales so I gave the two discount vouchers to lovely Aunty X.

Made my way through, it was so crowded I could hardly budge.

Dear Dennis arrived with four friends, Bangsar Babe was a friend brought by Simon and Debra Jean was out of the blogging scene for a few weeks!

It was no point being a VIP because you ended up in the same place as the regulars ("passed people"). His stamp was ugly because it was so messy. I got that scar on my wrist because of a bicycle incident 3 years back. I was cycling through the Kranji bridge with a few peeps when I was in Singapore and I always wore high-heels. I hanged it on the handle and when I tried to turn it got caught and I ended up bleeding. Those bastards worried about the bicycle more than me, gee THANKS guys.

The runway was a bore after a while, I camwhored. The first picture is so cute with the candid expression Griza gave, "Oh my, such horrible models."

They entertained us cheaply for 10 minutes by hiring a bunch of percussionists to play for 10-15 minutes while the models went to change. *yawns*

Our legs were sore and there was a table right in front of us, one of the finalist's family was sitting there and there was an empty seat. Griza took it *cheese*.

Obviously, I wasn't gonna stand in awe of the percussin' and I camwhored again which is much better than cussing them percussionists. Grr, the third photo!

The photographers' were pitiful, they all had to squeeze together to get a good angle of the models walking down the runway. We were all pitiful, it was SO packed we all had to breathe in hundredth-hand air.

I believe this was the nicest shot I took out of the dozens. This was when Kenny started to stalk me like he was some P.I.

Again, I got bored and camwhored for the third and maybe last time. I plucked a stalk of pink rose from the decorations of fake plants.

Princess Lady Jane always with her intensely made up gorgeous eyes and an even foundation.

Chris, Diese, Den, Zoe. Lap lap j0o!

Dennis who also taught the girls how to walk before was giving me help on a post. 1) I felt so awkward, 2)I was really nervous and 3)mustered it all up and froze for 4 seconds.

The man himself giving us all a sexy one by biting his finger, meow.

Winner was Juanita, we all toasted to the end of the second season.

Kenny had to leave immediately but not without some photos!

Must impersonate Marilyn Monroe one day. Chubby Chaychay and the backstage photographer Huai Bin.

It never really fitted the same after I put it back,


Andrew said...

LOL =D Malaysian dreamgirl.. LOL... a memory left inside.. =D and i dun even have the finale pass for memory.. LOL

Jeffro said...

dun cha love the publicity? *beams* =D

Missyve said...

Andrew- Memory? o.o

Jeffro- Laaavit! Um, what publicity?