Friday, June 26, 2009

Lose Weight Safely by Xando

You know how appearances are so important these days? People may judge you on your looks and weight 'cus everyone tend to be more accepting on the slimmer people because it shows that they put effort into staying in shape. You can’t change your face but you sure can change your body.

Health is important so we all oughtta buck up! Exercise to maintain your physique, sweat out your fats to lose weight and have a healthy diet to correlate with it. It’s much easier said than done. Working or studying, it’s hard to put time aside with our sedentary lifestyle to play sports or walk some blocks. There’s a better alternative.

I present to you 4 products by Xändo that will fit right in to your regime.

Xändo Block&Burn Tablets

These pills made up of 100% natural herbal ingredients consisting mainly kidney beans, Malabar tamarind, and chicory. As the product suggest, these important, effective and healthy ingredients block fats from storing and burns the fats presently in your body.

How does it work? The kidney bean extract blocks the carbohydrates and starch by constraining alpha-amylase from breaking them into glucose for digestion. Chicories hinders the absorption of glucose in the G.I Tract (stomach and intestines).

The third main ingredient- Malabar tamarinds enforces everything, it inhibits the citrate lyase actions that would convert sugar into fat. Isn’t it just awesome?! Xändo’s Block&Burn contains no caffeine or laxatives. Popping pills have never been this healthy, only two before each meal.

Retail price: RM199

Xändo Coffee Mixture

If you’re not into swallowing tablets and just can’t resist a cup of coffee every morning then Xändo Coffee Mixture would suit you. I’m sure there are many caffeine addicts out there but now you don’t have to feel so bad anymore.

Xändo Coffee Mixture has a special ingredient-Svetol®, a patented Norwegian green coffee bean extract. In a sachet it is mixed with the finest coffee beans; Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, making the taste a great one. Rich in chlorogenic acids, it is clinically tested in regulating blood sugar levels thus increasing weight control.

Retail price: RM59.90
There have been successful studies and the results are here.

Personally, I’m not that into coffee. I have refrained from it because I’ve been told it stains your teeth, other than that, everything about coffee is pretty much beneficial. When you need to lose weight really fast (say a wedding/VIP event), skipping all meals before the day might give you a flatter tummy but after that you’re gonna pay. Your metabolism is gonna drop so low and all the ‘fat’ you lost were actually lean body mass. Once you resume eating, you’ll gain all that weight back and MORE. That’s what they call the Yo-Yo Effect.

Xändo’s Meal Replacement

Rather than starving yourself, why not REPLACE it? It is based on Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), it contains natural dietary fibres and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). MCT helps you to maintain more of your lean body mass and muscles and also reduces the fat storage.

You can see the results in a week and it cost around 10 ringgit per meal, not bad considering all the healthy advantages there is to it. Xändo Meal Replacement is made in Sweden and approved by Swedish National Food Administration. There are six different flavors with 3 in two boxes to choose from: Strawberry, vanilla, pineapple & chocolate, banana, berry.

Retail price: RM85

Xändo XFat

I love pastries and pizza and donuts! They’re not that healthy, some hardly contain any nutrients at all while others are mainly refined flour/starch. For those couch potatoes or for people who don’t really have the time to exercise, this is a very safe and effective way to lose weight. Especially if you don’t want your meals replaced or dislike the taste of coffee.

XFat works similarly to Block & Burn, just that there are different core ingredients to it. The best thing about it is that it increases your metabolic rate by activating your enzymes which will break down your fat tissues converting it into energy.

These are the awesome ingredients that help aid you towards your goals:

Green Tea – Blocks fat from ingested food and furthermore burns the remaining.

Betula Alba – Is mildly diuretic, removing unneeded excess water.

Yerba Mate – Reduces glucose absorption AND your appetite, increase thermogenesis and burning of fats.

Coleus Forskholii – Maintains your healthy body mass yet breakdowns the excess (fat, obviously).

One very important addition to making it efficient is fluids, you must drink loads of water. Each time you consume the capsule(s) it must be ingested with a full glass of water before your meal. One for breakfast two for lunch and for dinner. It’s so simple, ZOMG!

If you have any enquiries concerning the product, you can call Xändo’s hotline: 03-79832480 2282 3202. Xändo products are available at Guardian, Caring, Sasa and all independent pharmacies. Or you can just check out their website: or email to:


Corynn said...

You actually believe that stuff? I personally think it's just a whole bunch of gimmicks. But who may work...

Missyve said...

Yeah, in the past some were actually toxic and damaged body organs. These are all proven safe and effective.