Thursday, June 11, 2009

LG Angels and Devils

I didn't blog about this because I took over 300 pictures and had to sort them out. I haven't completely organized all of it so I'm gonna write a portion of the event, will continue next time.

I was zappy when I got the invitations to go and I invited my deary Hannah. It took us 2 hours to shower, make up, choose our outfits and paint our nails. It was her first Nuffnang event and I was really excited to meet bloggers again and just enjoy myself.

Joseph picked us up and he even 'devilized' his Iphone. So cute.

Joseph Lee was Freddy Kruger. He made me swear not to tell anyone but later he was found out anyway. HAA! Japanese Vampire, Evul Giraffe and Killer Freddy.

We arrived rather early, hardly anyone was there and Robb was busy as usual. Walking about everywhere making sure everything was fine and going on as planned.

Jovi came alone.

It was really stuffy inside so we headed outdoors to sit on the sofas. The humid weather made us prefer the crowded but air-conditioned area. I love the free flow of drinks and food.

Look at that very conspicuous flaw. WHY DID MY CONCEALER HAVE TO SHOW ITSELF?! I get pretty dark eye circles so I use very light concealer to cover it. I have no idea what happened but it's not going to happen again.

Shrek and Melfred sipping beer together. Mmm, tastes like carbonated tea!

Skip, skip, skip. Blog about it another time. Now it's a competition of the best dressed. The Devils.

The Angels.

Robb really does look angelic, doesn't he? Very Titanic, Zach should of hugged him from behind.

Redmummy. Serena C said she was very into her character as the devil.

The Judges: Randy, Paula and Simon. He was very funny impersonating Simon. Serena was a little mean to some of them, I think her character changed after her makeover. I felt that she was more humble when she was hosting the MDG party (if that was her) when she still had her black hair.

Who cares, people change and life continues. :D Kim Ong was such a lady, so poise and elegant.

Reasons why you should wear a full head mask to any party is because you'll start to feel a little thirsty. Since Freddy was the one of the best dressed his name was called and he went on stage. Everyone knew his identity and the fun was ruined.

I jumped a lot of stuff, it's such a crappy entry but oh well, laters!

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