Thursday, June 04, 2009

A junk junkie.

You know, I have never eaten Krispy Kremes before. Who is ever gonna bring me out to taste it? It just sucks that it was still under construction when I went to Midvalley with Thomas that day. I wanted to try one so badly despite hearing some bad remarks about it being too sweet.

I went grocery shopping with Thomas and you would never believe what he told me. HE NEVER IN HIS ENTIRE PAST/PRESENT/AFTERLIFE eaten a jelly bean before. I was so shocked, "but jelly beans make your childhood happy!"
"Yeah yeah, I got a sad childhood." He retorted.

So he grabbed one small packet costing an outrageous 8 bucks but it was all good in the end. 20 difwewent fwavors! *squeals* I only eat jelly beans on an average once a year. I sounded like a promoter of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans but it's because I've eaten other jelly beans and they didn't taste as nice. Just full of sugar and color but hardly any flavor.

I always recommend a good brand I personally favor unless of course it's a paid opinion. Why did they spell it as Krispy Kremes anyways? It is a French name? Why not just Crispy Creams?

I think matching words with the same beginning letters are always cool. I recently read a motivational self-help book "See You At The Top" by Zig Ziglar (I just say Ziggy). Most self-help books are dumb, nothing but repitition of positive phrases. Might as well choose a mantra and chant it a hundred times a day, it'd do you better.

That book talked about negative thinking and subconscious power, boring stuff. We all know we should be positive and encouraging and good people in general. Wasting money on these 'reminders' as an investment is the saddest thing. Frankly, I felt pathetic reading a book like that. No doubt it did help me a little and pushed me to be a nicer person, nothing does it like the Bible.

Maybe next time I can make money by writing books titled "Why Whiners Are Never Winners" or "Complainers Will Never Be Champions", "Ways to Weaken The Wonderful to be Wusses" and just you guys in a long-winded way of all the common sense every typically educated person knows. These books might sell because sense is not as common as we think it to be.

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