Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Jaya One Photoshoot

I attended Dennis' fashion show at HELP University last night and it was enjoyable. I couldn't stop talking and Christopher pretended to be listening when I knew all he did was nod his head and say ya ya. I started to feel feverish after the show and got so worried.

I was very tired and my forehead was warming up, I slept early but prayed before that asking God to protect me from the bird flu. I feel so blessed to not have contracted SARS or dengue fever *phews* praise the Lord.

I did tell you guys about going for a photoshoot and no offence to the photographers, I hated it. My face is so... round and I know I've gained weight and people who tell me I'm not fat is either fatter than me or wants me to get fatter. I SEE YOUR EVIL MOTIVES, EVIL PEOPLE!

Oh photoshoot, right. Uh um ehhh... these are the few pictures that I liked. It's not because I think I look good but I :heart: the hand signs. I wish someone pasted a muffin on top of the watermark. Muffins are my favorite, second to creamy cakes.

This is the L sign it stands for Loser.

Star Trek was surpringly awesome, thought I'd hate it but it was good. Live long and Prosper! We should show this during Chinese New Year.

I don't think I'm photoshootenic, I prefer camwhoring. I stopped camwhoring 'cus it's a really tiring thing. You get bored of checking the pictures, smiling, posing, it all just really... wears you out.

It's so difficult to take a self-shot with a DSLR, they are HEAVY.

So when I first saw Karena and Jamie going crazy with their DSLRs I thought it was the strangest thing. Now it's starting to become a norm. I'll never own a DSLR because I'm not into photography, it's too damn heavy and expensive.


ButTeRcUp said...

Thanks for the shooting!

Cindy Khor said...

hope that you are recovering from your flu. the shoots are lovely. like the 1st one. makes your skin ever so clear and smooth

Missyve said...

Buttercup- Welcome! Sorry for being unenthusiastic.

Cindy- I took a Panadol at night and felt much better, thanks! I think I looked way too old for my age in the first picture and I felt my face looked photoshopped. :S Thank you anyways, you look gorgeous. said...

Oh.. so you do attend photoshoots.. :)

Maybe next time when I get to know you better