Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ipoh Town

Last December hoidays, Lih Ren planned a road trip. We first went to Ipoh to give Suling a visit and to try out all the nice and famous food there. Suling became our tour guide, it was my first time going to Ipoh.

Lih Ren, Lih Yen (brother), Chang Ming ( sounds like long life in Mandarin) and Zoe (life giver in Greek).

It was a long drive, I occupied myself with straw folding. It kept me busy for 10 minutes, ahem.

We dropped our luggage in Suling's house and went for tea at Old Town. I totally forgot the details and exact dates but I'm going to write as much as I remember. We ate bean curd in the humble shop Funny Mountain Soya Bean. They're very famous, they've been featured in the newspapers some time ago.

I saw this CUTE kid and I was thinking, "He really looks like Shawn (Lee)!" So I snapped a shot with him, I WASN'T INTERESTED IN HIM LA REN.

This is my fake/awkward smile. I don't find their soya beans AMAZING but it's really cheap. They don't say where they get their legumes from, is it organic? I don't know but if I were to be in Ipoh again I would drop by to get another bowl.

*points to han yu pin yin* A Chinese temple with a lot of beastly statues inside.

Sun Wu Kong. There were a lot of monkeys of his breed jumping everywhere and stealing biscuits. Thieves!

Lih Ren, Suling, goat without a goatee and me.

Baby donkey?

There were a lot of fun stuff we did like flipping coins into the bowl in the zodiac lane. 12 animals, all with cement bowls near them and we were aiming 10 and 20 sen coins into them. I managed to get two, yay.

We carried on.

To the other end.

I love it, it's so colorful. This was built at the side of a mountain.

I can't read that, it's traditional Chinese or maybe too hard for me.

This should confirm those lesbian rumors. Muack Su!

Tong something san. This is a mountain cave.

Chang Ming, Zoe, Suling and Lih Yen.

It's a beautiful peaceful place.

Moving onto the turtle territoy. Suling said there were much more turtles last time while I thought seeing 40 of them in captivity was enough. I wonder what happened to the rest?

I'm afraid of heights and the staircase was very steep. I climbed really high and coming back down was a major problem. Notice at the very end I'm holding onto the balustrade for my dear life.

Suling brought us to a famous chicken rice and bean sprout shop for dinner and we had desserts after that.

I showed a thumbs down because they're eating CHICKEN111.

For breakfast the next day I had popiah for RM1.80, ZOMG. It's sooo reasonable considering the quality. In K.L. if there's ever a popiah cheaper than 2 ringgit it's probably a pathetic limpy one, sparse ingredients. Anyways, this road trip is the coolest!


Sue Me said...

this trip was like last year right? only you blog?lol...

Ren said...

is "san bao dong"
old style chinese read from right to left :P

and i dun think i the 1 tat tag the cute guy in the FB ><

u should tell me earlier that u blog about it, so i can show the photobucket link which have better quality pics....

Missyve said...

Sue Me- Yuppy.

Ren- Oh, I rmb my mom reading those Chinese books and she'd start from the back and read from the right column down to the left.

Bummers, I'm going to blog abt the Pangkor trip.

Evil Genius said...

i love rootbeer!