Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am a Twit.

I proclaimed on my Facebook status that I wouldn't register with Twitter, 10 minutes later I had an account. I think I'm starting to become a woman.

I have an excuse for joining Twitter. Read the two different questions asked by the Facebook status and Twitter. Facebook politely asks, "What's on your mind?" while Twitter interrogates, "What are you doing?" SEE, it's totally different!

I just checked the definition of Twitter on Urban Dictionary and now I'm sorta wishing I didn't join. Crap, I remember blogging about it before too.


1) A stupid site for stupid people with no friends, who think everyone else gives a shit what they're doing at any given time. Also lacks the functionality of other social networking sites, not that it matters because just like Twitter all those sites suck anyway.
Twitter is for twats.

2) A form of chatline for social media "experts" to add thousands of random strangers and wank off to impress other social media "experts" by posting links to articles about the phenomenon of social media.
Dave went on Twitter hoping to find interesting people and read amusing things but instead was deluged by nine thousand social media "experts" who bored the living shit out of him until his iPhone exploded/his brain imploded.

3) 'T'ext of 'W'hat 'I'm T'hinking 'T'o 'E'veryone 'R'eading. Online social social networking site. its what everyone over who is over 35 and trying to seem hip thinks that everyone under 25 is using. but they actually aren't.
i already have a facebook status, why would i need a twitter?
im too young to have a twitter.


2)A moron with absolutely no sense.

See also Paris Hilton.

Gee, all that really would puts everything off. It is true in some ways, I can't be bothered to read blogs of my friends and what would make me care about their every whim. Well, I do visit blogs periodically and blogs that are interesting/of people I have interest in more regularly.

I had no idea what I was doing so I answered with a question, "What AM I doing?!"

I have 3 mediums of expressing my thoughts in a short paragraph; Facebook, Plurk and my new micro-blogging site Twitter. Might as well stop blogging la.


Simon Seow said...

I linked my Plurk, Facebook and Twitter lol. I plurk and it will update Facebook and Twitter. I Twitt and it will update Facebook. Plurk still the best because you don't have to refresh to get updates.

MattiE said...

woah. simon's s pro.
i conformed to twitter too but i know nuts about how it actually works haha.

Myhorng said...

well, who cares how others think. i definitely not a person without friends as claimed. hehehe. let's twittssssss.