Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hennessy Artistry @ The Loft

Quite some time ago, I went to Hennessy Artistry above The Loft with performances by Caprice, Stars Angels and VJ Spacebar. It happened on the 23rd of April, Thursday. I arrived a little late because my guest was late. I invited Flizzardo out of desperation for transport.

No club is complete without a disco ball.

Shiny Hennessy glasses, cleeeaann.

I tried um, this was... ginger ale. Yeah. The bartender poured a lot of alcohol into this one, each time I took a sip I'd make a bitter face. Didn't manage to finish it, tastes horrible horribly bitter.

I thought it matched the bag.

VIPs get their own lounge, bloggers are VIPs by V.S.O.P.

During the performance I didn't get to take any pictures. I was just enjoying the show, Caprice was so cute. His cap slanted to the side, the mic sticking to his face, he pulled up some ladies to the stage to dance. After that a beatboxer performed *Googles* Shamik.

I really enjoyed his beats but I thought something was very wrong when I noticed a similarity with another local beatboxer. The theme song of Madagascar "Move it" and a techno song "Satisfaction" was both used side by side. I drifted away, I was flooded with thoughts of who copied who and whether most beatboxers use the same tunes. Their similarities were uncanny, I was pretty sure one learned from the other.

Yee Hou, the camera expert.

Anne Marie owns a lot of pretty dresses.

This picture looks funny.

I left early while the rest partied on. I didn't have dinner so I bought Cadbury chocolate from 7-11 at SS15 which expired that very day. I wonder if I could of sued them *hmm*.

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