Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting muddy for the first timey

I do masks on a monthly basis, it's fun to put on and it makes you feel a little pampered. During the holidays, I stayed over my friend's place to have the convenience of going to work for the first few days. They worked at the same location as well.

They have a young, cute daughter who is so bubbly and calls me Sister Zoe everytime. It does feel a little unusual for me when a younger person calls me sister or jiejie since I've always been the youngest in groups and my family. So, I was going to apply a facial mud mask and then Amanda walked in.

I asked if she wanted to try it and she nodded her head. With my magical brush she turned into a beauty.

We both mutated into hulks. Grey was the original color of The Hulk by the way.

I, wanting to be a good big sister, asked her about her dreams and what she wanted to be when she grew up. I asked who she liked and it was a boy 13 years older than her. That's going to be a problem.

My first (and only) question was, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" When her reply was, "Boy?" I just knew I had to film this. It was quite a struggle, I say, getting an answer from her if I got any at all.

Yeah, I like filming stuff, not because "I aspire to become a director"(LOL). These little moments in life can never be written out and described as pure as it was. When I become lazy to do anything in the future maybe I'll start vlogging. Who cares if it's worse than Blair Witch Project, ehe.

Skip the first 8 seconds, she was brushing off an ant crawling up on my left arm. I think I sound rather odd in the video.

P/S: Never expect 5-year olds to understand the word 'ambition'. The first thing that comes to their mind is animals.

Happened on June 4th 2009


Simon Seow said...

I do mask every week too.

Missyve said...

I do it once or twice a month.

Corynn said...


Cindy Khor said...

maybe i should try using clay masks... never tried them before...

Cheng Leong said...

my 12 years old niece tell me "I got boyfriend already! His name is Rahman...I kiss him already!!"

Missyve said...

Corynn- I knowz!

Cindy Khor- They're nice, mud and clay's the same right? Makes your skin supple.

Cheng Leong- LOLLL. Let's hope it's a peck.

yapthomas said...

Why is Amanda so cute??? said...

both cute lil girl! hahahha

Missyve said...

yapthomas- 'cus she's FIVE!

sandrawong- Awww! hahahah, <3 She's cuter but more annoying as well. :P