Sunday, June 07, 2009

From Tim and trendy to tragedy

Today was a good day. I woke up at 8A.M. to go to church to hear Pastor Andrew Gray preach and I didn't regret going, it was awesome. I couldn't go for the third service because I had work right after and I figured it would be slightly different being a Sunday. I usually worked on the weekdays.

It was my fourth day at work, I felt really proud of myself. Why? I receive my salary weekly and I know I don't earn much but at least I can pay for my own things. I used to lack so many things because my mom unreasonably refused to give my allowance. I was proud because I bought with a little of my first week's worth of salary on my first breakfast Starbuck's coffee. =D

Iced Vanilla Latte was all I had for breakfast and lunch. I didn't have any appetite since I was still sick with fever. The day was a bore except when I bought two high-heels and one slipper for RM$77 at a sale from BATA. I felt weak as the day progressed. I'd get a headache when I bend down and my forehead would feel so warm. It was also the suckiest day because I dropped a citrine bead and had to search around for it for 3 minutes, my head was gonna explode.

I was curious when Abby excitedly told me to look out the shop and when I found out what it was I turned indifferent. Cheh, just a mascot. Wait, NO! BRITNEY, WE FOUND AMY. She was nudging me to get a balloon for her but all the kids took it. I couldn't be bothered by those costume and she kept squealing how cute it was everytime they walked by.

Tim was an ass. He kept turning around when I wanted to take his picture. Such reluctant workers, I believe they took this job out of desperation.

For dinner I had bean curd/ tofu fa. There's a soya shop nearby so I eat there often, it's great being vegetarian healthy! I tried on this white shell necklace which costs RM$138 and I fell in love with it. I was admiring my neck in the mirror till I saw Abby looking solemn and asked what the matter was.

Note that all of them can't speak English very well so I converse in Mandarin with them (yes, I know how to speak 'Chinese'). So translating what she said, "Haven't you heard? (Name censored)'s boyfriend got into an accident and died."

*censor f word* I was GAWKING for like 5 seconds till she shh-ed me, ish. I was like oh my...gosh. My fourth day at work and for the first 3 days (name censored) always talked about her boyfriend endlessly. She couldn't shut up about him, she bought him a black and white belt 3 days before the accident and was so cheery about it. Saying how she looked for it everywhere and finally got to buy it for him 'cus he wanted it for so long.

Then this happened. A few hours ago she came inside the shop crying... Abby and I gave her a light hug but nothing could comfort someone who just experienced such a thing. I was speechless, I really didn't wanna say anything that would cause another bout of tears.

They were talking about Nirvana and the whole 49 days to get there and visitation from him to his girlfriend which would just be freaky. I figured to not share my Christians views which simply is: If he's not saved, he's in hell honey.

Dear colleague, do toughen up :/


Jeffro said...

oh dear...
my condolences to your friend..
seriously even im out of words..
but do let her know, we're here for her.. =)

Missyve said...

Thank you, I'll let her know.
So nice all of you are supportive.

Missyve said...

Thank you, I'll let her know.
So nice all of you are supportive.