Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Morning : TOA

I went to K.L. after Cell Group on Thursday. To collect some stuff and put back some things and seeing the situation worsen even with my absence shocked me and I felt more grateful to the family tending me now. I didn't sleep, I watched three movies, ate longans and green apples through the night. Downed some chocolates and tidied up a little and changed at 7A.M. Took the public transport with Tze to Sunway and for the second time, I welcomed myself into The One Academy.

I tried to act like a normal college student, I had no I.D. tag like all of them and I carried no art tools. Oh well, just braced myself and walked through the familiar areas that I remembered from the previous visitation.

They have a gallery, em, exibition corridor.

Click on it to enlarge the image. the student who drew them were all so creative and obviously, artistic!

I love all of 'em, when you look closely, you can see all the intricate details.

The vibrant colors gives me such an energetic feeling. I (heart) the upper right one, it's PERRRFECT. The lower left one has a lot of 3D illusion; the chin, hair and Chinese name on top.

Taking a closer look at the picture (lower left, above) I believe he used a pen to draw the black image of the rock band. No, no, no, he DOTTED everything! That must have been extremely tedious. I can't make out the face painted with blue and yellow shades. Also, he traced the image and outlined a Japanese man using his name, how clever. Eason Chan is a talented, artistic and a hardworking young man.

This is one is definitely an advertising design or maybe the person didn't know what to do with the extra space. That is one expensive assignment, the artist glued on pebbles and beads (first picture of this post).

It has gotta be tiring to trace everything with a pencil and then carefully use a pen/paint brush to color it. What always motivates someone to do it all over again is the quality they wanted and have achieved.

I reached the library but it only opened at 10 and I was there an hour early. I saw this student who waved at me, I wasn't wearing spectacles so I had to move nearer to see her face. She was my cell group mate! What a surprise, I still don't remember her name despite her being one of my cell group members for nearly a year.

She was working on this. I guessed it was a MRT or a bus, "Noo.. can not see is airplane meh," was her correction.

No wonder I was puzzled about the lady serving the passengers. I thought she had to draw a kind act as her assignment. I remember a teaching giving us that title for a journal when I was in primary 5. Air stewardess and... hot sexy air Stewart.

She draws well, she's doing Advertising Design. I think that's the name of the course, I'm awfully guilty so I'm going to ask for her name when I see her in church next week. Anyways, that portrait reminds me of a certain airline service, Malaysia Airlines :)

Everyone who attended the dinner got a goodie bag and in it was a notebook. Both Thomas Yap and Kenny Sia gave me one. I use notebooks a lot because I always write down the sermon the pastor preaches.

I don't have Photoshop so I can't censore your personal details and secret mission nicely, Kenny. Thanks for your name card anyways! Remembering that night is making me crave for some AWESOME tasty pudding.


Simon Seow said...

Actually MS Paint can also censor lah.

Missyve said...

Wo bujidao.