Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Evening : Creepy Creatures.

After having a Japanese lunch I cabbed to The Summit. I love that mall 'cus it ain't popular like Sunway Pyramid. Problem is, I hardly go there when all of my friends prefer hanging out at Sunway Pyramid. Don't you just hate crowded places? When I had a puppy and two hamsters I would often buy food for them from this pet shop. The one and only in The Summit.

It's called Creepy Creatures and I understood why when I walked it. Spiders, snakes, lizards, turtles and this CUUUUTE CAT. A persian cat, isn't it charming? Such flat face at not a flat price of RM$4000. It's expensive to own this beauty.

He's a little creepy-looking too, no? Name's Simba and I only watermarked this picture 'cus I'm suspecting someone might upload it on Lolcat. Hmm, love soft and furry animals.

At first the only relationship I had with the owner was being a customer till Shawn introduced me as his friend and we started to talk more whenever I visited. That Friday, I helped him water his snakes (as in spray water on them), they look like looong rubberbands.

Next I weighed a python, a Malay guy helped me take it out from it's tank. I guess it's in a healthy weight judging by the scale. *pseudo-expertise*

Almost immediately, I remembered the second last time I touched a live snake. It was last year, my first Nuffnang event ever and twas' the reason for joining Nuffnang. I won something for the first thing in my life, my Ipod Shuffle from DiGi's Easy Win Contest.

I stroked it a little and placed it back, sssssooo ss-cooool. I WANNA DO IT AGAIN, YAY.

Same Malay guy bought 3 mice to feed his reptile at home. Boohoo, the food chain was really a hard thing for me to accept last time.

Draco, the dragon lizard. A very friendly and responsive reptile.

I rested and Jef (the owner's name) told me to use the printer or else the ink would dry up since he didn't use it for a long time. I'm STILL working on my domain. I'm wondering which friend of mine would spare some time to design a simple banner for me. So I used Paint and tried out all sorts of fonts and colors.

I'm not so narcisisstic as to type my name 18 times in variety vaingloriously. I'm not an egomanic who thinks the world revolves around me unlike *someone*. So I printed it out on two pieces of paper, the color wasn't very even but it'll do. Thanks Jef!

Zoe Yve Zoe Yve Zoe Yve Zoe Yve Zoe Yve Zoe Yve Zoe Yve Zoe Yve Zoe Yve. I still remember when my chum said I was self-absorbed. I was gawking wasn't I, Corynn? I was shocked since she was the first person to tell me that and I wouldn't say I was offended but it did affect in a way 'cus I thought what she said was riduculous. LOL, till a little later I figured it was true. Just a little conceited at times, it's good to have a healthy self-image anyways. *coughs*

Leaving the shop I noticed an imploring sign from SPCA selling dog biscuits for 10 ringgit, all the proceeds go to SPCA. Each box of canine cookies were packed and shaped by children. They started selling Woofy Crunch because "They receive more than 700 unwanted homeless or abused animals every month." Poor thing, adopt a dog (or cat) from animal shelters today or simply buy some dog treats for 10 bucks. (:

This pet store is located on the first level in The Summit.

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