Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Afternoon : Sakae Sushi

I departed TOA at about 1:30 in the afternoon after reading art books in their library. I went into MPH and read through a book and a half, Emotional Intelligence and Amber Chia's autobiography. They were both boring.

10 minutes to three, Sakae Sushi's buffet promotion struck me so I had lunch there. The buffet starts at three and ends at 6, I'm a student so I paid 23 ringgit for the buffet but the problem about being homeschooled is that we don't get them damn student I.Ds.

We can take unlimited amounts of green and pink plates. Of course bearing in mind not to waste food.

I consumed 5 pink plates of sushi within 20 minutes, frankly, I wasn't hungry. I was just gorging myself with food 'cus I was feeling a little down and the person I called wasn't comforting at all. I'm a glutton when I'm in the mood or not. This... it's not soba, eee... ugly-noodle soup was given for free. I'm rejecting it the next time, I just want the sushis and sashimis!

Wonder how these green legumes and two rectangular-shaped rice are related? You see, I don't like white rice. It has no other nutrition except for carbohydrates while brown rice has vitamin B6, folate, potassium, choline and a whole lot of other better stuff than it's fairer counterpart.

I ate the thin raw salmon slice and used the skin of the peas to cover it. So they wouldn't know I wasted the seemingly measely but conspicuous amount of rice.

I left an hour and a half later bloated. The female cashier was so nice to give me student price even though I didn't have a student card. Saya suka Sakae Sushi! (:

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