Thursday, June 04, 2009

Experiencing work

Experience is a preferred and valuable asset to have. When I first just began to go for interviews, many times I honestly had to answer I had no experience whatsoever. I wondered what was so useful about being experienced, the convenience of not needing training? The confidence in dealing with customers?

No idea but I sure did learn something on my third day of work. Yes! I've got a jobbbbb, not a nose job or just any job but one that interests me. I will slowly reveal what I've learned and many other things of the shop I am working in.

Just know that it's a crystal jewellery shop and I get to TOUCH all of them precious thangs! *beams* :D Back to the third day, often customers would come in wanting to replace their old fragile strings with new ones, like this colorful bracelet.

You cut or break the string and take out all the pieces in order and arrange them neatly then measure a new strand of string. This cost about 5 bucks and it might sound expensive but it's not the cost of the string but the service. Aslan's Mane, people, it took me 15 minutes to put it all together. Partly because it was my first time and I made a few blunders of inserting the crystal piece on the wrong side but even without that it'd seem ages. A very un-fun duty.

It all pays off in the end. You have to change roughly every 6 months to a year if you wear it daily. I'm starting to appreciate jewellery because of the human labor behind the making of it.

Next isn't just putting beads into strings but wiring them. Looks fun, I never was good in handicrafts since I didn't really know how to make anything with my bare hands except for Playdoh.

My mission was to form a small loop above the crystal so that we could hang it onto the plain silver lace. I have to put it in the trim off the extra metal and use another equipment to twist into a coil.

Then my colleague, Abby (I'm not sure I need two weeks least to remember someone's name) would painstakingly consolidate them to the thin chain one by one. It hurts our fingers okay :(

Now it's not JUST a bracelet to me, it's labor and loveeee, uh no, pain. Handicrafts are such a pain... to your fingers especially.


Sue Me said...

which shop is this? is it the one next to watson? i'll drop by either on monday or tuesday ok? :)


Missyve said...

Yeah! That one, yay!! *HUGS*

Andrew said...

woooot~ zoe giving me discount!! weeee~ =D *ssshhhhhh* dun tell ppl k?? =D

Missyve said...

Hahaha, you big mouthhh, rahrahrah. It's the sales season so it's applicable to everyone who purchases items over 100 ringgit. :P