Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't Mess With My Zohan

It's time again for The Morning Prayer Week, where we gotta get to church by 6:15 in the morning and pray. For the past two days I have been late and reached at 7, giving me only 15 minutes before it all ends. Yesterday was a very sad day, I had to give my beloved Zohan away.

You shouldn't expect me to look good seven in the morning, especially when I pulled off an all-nighter. I had to give Zohan away because Caramel would bark at him all the time and possibly eat him up if I left him unattended. You don't know how smart animals can be, my first hamster mysteriously opened up the cage door, fell down 3 feet from the table and crawled into our room's trash bin.

Well, that was 9 years ago. Or maybe my brother was sleep walking and dumped him into the trash bin which was located right beside his bed. Anyhoo, it wasn't because I didn't want him or became lazy. This little hammy brought out the mommy in me.

I'm sorry, James, for bringing the whole cage in your car. Not to worry, I just washed everything three days ago.

When we picked Hui Fen up it was nearly 7 already and we wondered why we were still going to church.

Who was I gonna give it to? I asked a few people, I plurked about it, I SMS-ed Kenny but he would only accept a bird and the last person didn't reply. I just wanted a good owner to take Zohan, Simon had two already and I thought maybe Kenny could take in another 'cus I'm sure he's experienced.
On Monday morning, I saw Hunter in a coffee shop and it hit me. Why not him? :D So I asked and he agreed and I brought it the next day. He's reading a contract I wrote, don't play play with my Zohan!

He's all yours now!

Click on it if you want to read, I would suggest you not to. Hee.

I'm sorry, baby :( I lubbx j0o, okay? I'll dedicate a song to you.

I love you for ever,
I'll like you for always.
As long as you're living,
My baby you'll be.

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