Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cookie Jar

There are so many scams online nowadays. E-mails telling you you've won millions of dollars/Bill Gates giving away his fortune/to click on a link for whatever. They're all LIES! What I'm offering is a free cookie if you can guess who's who in the pictures below. No kidding.

I'm sorry! I just couldn't resist. They were so lovey dovey and I honestly find it fascinating watching other people kiss so adorably. That was an overstatement, not FASCINATING not fun but...em, it seems to be the sweetest thing. Don't you think? Two people deeply in love and expressing it in such an innocent way.

Such as a wet peck on the chic-I mean cheek. (Honest typo.)

Or a lip to lip lock.

Ah. Very affectionate indeed but for me, I don't like "making out". Tried it once and never did again, pui. I'm sure no one can guess who they are (Facebook contacts unincluded), I just thought of showing the sweet love happening around.

P/S: Ahem, if you guys mind tell me. :S


KY said...

omg so sweet!

AaronWoolala said...

I think that guy judge was one of the lecturers or something in HELP Unicoll. lol~
Nice :D

Missyve said...

KY - Yes you sweet BF!

AaronWoolala- Thanks, wasn't really paying attention. Haha.