Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I've always been a clumsy person. Never on time, losing, sleep walking? I stopped the last part a few years but it was still a cool experience. I've ruined birthday surprises twice. I forgot the first one but the second one, I asked my Cell Group leader, Faith, whether she was joining us for karaoke later.

She was like, "Huh? What karaoke? You guys going for karaoke?" I felt like a shithead but nobody told me the plan and I thought it was just a special fellowship. Thank God she thought we ditched her and she was still(mostly) surprised in the end.

We celebrated it in Redbox at The Curve. There were over 20 people so it was such a boisterous night. We bought her a cellphone, a Sony Ericsson. Happy birthday, beloved leader. :)

(I know the guy besides her looks creepy but he's her boyfriend.)

I'm usually late in giving birthday presents, I don't know what to give and what that person wanted. I'm not the sort of person who would just buy gewgaws, useless stationaries. If he's not a vain person my idea of buying gels/wax is out. I find it impossible giving an adequate present to guys, I never know what to give and end up going empty-handed.

It was Timothy's birthday last week, I made up this note in a minute, everything was a rush and I was shocked when you said you were 29 years old. Or so I heard you say rill I double-checked and thank God I did.

I wrote:
"Hey Timmy! I heard you sayin' you were 29 yrs old so I was laik damn you're old.

But 25's okay!

Keep your mole growing *heart*


Ugly handwriting, I was borrowing Nicholas's back for support so blame him! I'm not creative in writing birthday wishes either. :/

Happy birthday to Andrew as well. There are just too many birthdays in June.


Cindy Khor said...

ah, the fun of celebrating birthday with a big bunch of friends seems to fade from my memory, can't really remember how i celebrated birthday with friends. usually i just spent it alone or with my love ones.

you look prettier as time goes by... judging from your pictures from previous post, its like you're transforming

Missyve said...

Why not? It's abt celebrating life and your existence! Which you should be happy about :)

WHOA, LOL. That's a... extreme word. Maybe it's just make-up. I know that hair and make-up can change the way a person looks drastically. Thank you, it's very nice to hear.

You look beautiful!