Sunday, June 14, 2009

Becoming a man.

Joseph Lee is going to serve the country proudly and bald, National Service time. Our plan was to go to Genting and spend the entire day there but plans changed when he was moving into a new apartment. Which reminds me I still haven't blogged about your birthday party.

Hannah, Joseph and I ate at Sakae Sushi, I'm still confused at the correct pronunciation. Is it suckai or suck-a-eh or simply suckeh? No idea, I ordered mushroom udon. I prefer sobas. I just thought it was so cool to see a cross on a mushroom, I KNOW RIGHT. I'm totally over spiritual.

He ordered a hot plate set. He could of have his head shaved for free there but I guess he wanted to save his ego and pay for the shave at a really nice salon. I said he was the younger version of Kenny. Getting bald was the fad since Britney Spears lost her mind.

We were contemplating whether to watch a movie or walk a park. Hannah wanted to play pool at SS15 but I'm not into pool and usually it's smoky in those places. So guess where we went paying 10 ringgit and 10 sen for two FLOATIES?!

A&W, the famous vanilla ice-cream in Root Beer. It's the main outlet besides 3K (SS14), I've lived in Subang for 2 years and have never stepped in there. What a shame but now I've finally tried their floats, it's been years. Everyone's been saying how a lot of their chain restaurants' been closing and how very few remained.

Refreshing fattening root beer floats.

I wore a hair band 'cus I look horrible after my hair cut. YOU RUINED MY LIFE, HAIR STYLIST (that is, if you were even one). Why must I have a bad hair day everyday for the whole of my 16 year old life? Enjoy the sweet drink while you can, Joseph. I believe it's gonna be a harsh 3 months.

We took a group photo but I'm sorry deary, I'm not gonna put it up, I look... fudgely. So I'll just show you guys something more fudgie, Joseph's hairy hand. I was really disturbed by it, if I had a tweezer right there and then I *am not going to* swear, I would of plucked them all and shape his eyebrows as a favor.

(Click to enlarge image and see how gross it really is.)

I have hair on my arms, legs and hands but they're rather fine so you usually can't see them in pictures. Of course from time to time I pluck them out when they're too long. If my hands were as hairy as Joseph's, don't be surprised to be seeing me wear white gloves everyday and using the cover up as a Mini Mouse wannabe.

That's him forcing a double eyelid for bigger eyes, never fails to make me chuckle. Anyways, take care alright. Your DSLR flash diffuser is with me, I'm glad I'm gonna have a 3-month break from your blinding camera flashes which you intentionally do to annoy me. Another one of them Nigels.

Must go to Genting when you come back, mate. Take care!

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