Monday, May 04, 2009


Praise God, praise the Lord, glory be to God, Jesus is so awesome, hallelujah, (insert Christian God-blessing phrases)! My cell group multiplied last Thursday, from W19 dividing into W49 as well.

Awesome possum, babies!

I've been so inactive in church and cell group that I couldn't tell the difference from new friends and new members. Wow, I sure suck. The names that I remember from this group picture are people who own cars because they always drive me back home and we make conversation.

As for the others, I don't really remember and I know I'm such an awful person. Oh well, *points thumbs towards me* THAT'S MEE! Not the point anyways, the good news is that more and more people are getting saved. That's right, SALVATION! Saving your soul from hell and putting evolution aside to make room for faith.

It's a hardy hard thing alright but it's totally worth it. The once W19.

Food. Pizza, egg tarts and buns. I ate two pieces of pizza and an egg tart while Damian ate 7 pieces of pizza, an egg tart and a char siew bun. Kudos dude, you are officially a freak of nature.

I was holding a card board that read "Kedai Mamak SEX". I don't know what kedai means but I SURE do know about mamak and..daaa forbidden word. It has nothing to do with winged animals or insects, nope.

Immediately after the celebration and crying of splitting up I went for the burger gathering. Where I made a mess, my nails contained mushroom sauce, my hair got dirtied by touching the burger...I was totally struggling to eat it.

It was very unglamorous :l

Anyways, wanna know what the *forbidden word* on the card board meant? It was used during a play for us, a girl was directing her cell-mate to a mamak location and they arrived at that place. Tell you laterrrr.

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