Friday, May 29, 2009

Sleep and eat and study.

It's 7 in the morning and I didn't catch a wink at all. I'm going for a photoshoot in another hour's time and I doubt I'll be looking my best. The past week has been crazy 'cus my sleeping time went topsy-turvy as it was The Praying Week of this month. My church has a week in every month where we go to church at 6A.M. and pray till 7 plus. In order to make it, I couldn't sleep and ended up conking out in the morning till evening every day.

Pretty bad eyebags and circles, my complexion is deteriorating. I must figure a way to improve it by putting on masks and knocking my head with a fry pan at midnight. Brilliant idea I know. Breakfast is very important and I haven't had cereals in quite a while, one thing I would like to eat right now is a curry puff. Filled with veggies and fried with olive oil.

Wouldn't that be great? Popiah is another dish I must order, I miss popiah!

I know I've been inconsistent in updating my blog that's because I've been studying. Not REALLY hard but just...studying. I'm really happy I finally understand algebra, when I was 11 years old, I always wanted to figure out what those letters and numbers meant. To solve them and write the equations on a scrap paper. Now I do!

Anyhoos, I'm really worried about my life. I always think about whether I'm gonna make it big someday or turn into the average housewife living a boring life. I feel like I'm born for greatness but the only problem is...okay, I have no idea what my problem is BUT THERE IS. SOMETHING... problematic.

I don't know, I just don't wanna live a common life with a mundane 9-5 job; the typical life. It's not for me, noooooo! Gotta go, God bless.


Corynn said...

What was the photoshoot for? Mmmm..currypuff! Sorry I haven't replied your msg, I just finished the school year.

Missyve said...

For fun, nothing serious or pro. A lot of Malaysians like to take it up as a hobby strangely.

It's fine! I was ranting away.

Jeffro said...

Zoe, well on the part whether you should be simply married away or you'd do a great deal someday, that's entirely in your own hands..

Would you prefer to be a housewife? or would you like to go big? Problems are solvable, no matter how big it is.. So no worries on that.. =)

And if you're thinking on going big.. well guess what? You've got a bunch of friends/fans here, to be there and support ya! =D

Cindy Khor said...

i'm sure that you would figure out where your greatness lies and be a person of great importance... but right now, study!! hehe...^__^

albert said...

Here's a harrowing comment!

"Let's go whack." Man you are violent. I've posted pictures o sarcastic child. And is this your main blog or is your dot com it?

Missyve said...

Jeffro- LOVES!* Thank you, me needs op2. Opportunity and operation, haa.

Cindy Khor- LOL, good one. Great encouragement, thanks munchies.

Alberto- This is my main blog but i'm gonna switch it to Wordpress and make this more personal.