Monday, May 04, 2009

Refrain from judging a book by it's cover

Emo0o0o0o0oo. I feel like I'm stuck, well I am.

Like this cutsy wutsy doggie Caramel.

As harmless, adorable and loving he looks, he's nothing like that most of the time. In fact, animals can be discriminative as well. He's a racist! =O It took me a while to figure it out, why he was so harsh to the maid. Never once was he nice, I doubt the maid abused him when they were home alone. He barks fiercely at her whenever he sees her and bit her toe 2 nights ago and it bled.

Even to strangers Caramel doesn't growl that loudly. He has some serious issues, people. Yet the family members still love him, he's furry, cute and after all, a pet. Meant to be loved and pampered. If it was another owner's dog, they'd shake their head and 'tsk' away.

The same...goes for children. How people are bias of their own and partial to others. When they always point fingers to the child and they assume the blame. Forever protective of their own and unreasonably blind of their offspring.

Is this fair?

Part of the reason why I prefer hanging out with people older than me is not only because of their maturity but I learn from their experience. When I observe them I learn from their mistakes as well, being in your early 20s does not make you any wiser than a teen. You probably have been through whatever that goes about during our teen years and you have grown from that but what I'm inspecting is what they're going through now.

Knowing I'll soon be in their place, 5 years passes by in a flash and I will never wish I was older or hope time passes by any faster because youth is so valuable to me that I would want to be young forever. Documenting my life through blogging is one way I will never lose my memories. The good and bad, say if I were to be in a coma for months and wake up forgetting everything I've ever known.

An old blog would come in handy.

The only reason why I'm typing out so much crap is because I'm beating around the bush. I would love to come straight to the point but it would be reeeallly hurtful and according to the advices I've heard. I shouldn't be so blunt. Yeah, I have been straightforward and chopping down shallow bridges lately, people I don't really care about but feel forced to because of my religion.


Rather than lashing out I try to hold my tongue. I just want to be a better person. What puts me off is that parents dub me as the 'bad influence' not knowing it's their children who has already done it and wants it. Just because I'm open and HONEST does not make me the bad peer.

It's f-ed up that this woman keeps thinking I'm gonna introduce guys to her daughter when SHE'S ALREADY DONE IT. You think your kids are decent just because they stay at home? They're so deprived of their social life that everytime they go out they wanna go clubbing 'cus they find it so cool. You're turning your children into losers.

When I go out I know when to stop, I take a few sips, two cups at most. I don't smoke. When your innocent little sheep goes out, they drink their faces off and smoke 'cus it's so mature and dance like whores for the attention of the opposite sex.

So. You think twice before you point your fingers and own up when your child has gone astray, not eying someone else to be the scapegoat. I'm very tired, just because I don't create a good-girl image or mask myself deceitfully like YOUR child does not make me the black sheep.

'Cus they're all devils in disguise. *spits*

There are people in this world who are dumb as shit,
and the devil of the world deceives them,
their knowledge aren't worth what a pig could think,
and they go by the title of parents.

We need some New Age people here. I need to be free. Open sesame.

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