Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Our world is a cube.

When we begin our life, we usually start off happy and innocent; oblivious to the dangers around us. As a child, we're confused by other people's actions. Why are they so unhappy? Why are they so mean? Growing older and older each and every year teaches us lessons, some the hard way while the wiser ones the easier way.

To me, there are four important aspects in our lifes that we have to unravel and balance. Family, education, health and friends. Our parents are essential role models, we become very much like them like it or not. Our upbringing moulds our character and when we're outside, we're representing our family.

How are my manners? Am I etiquette? Am I stupid? A talented, smart and beautiful child gives a very good impression of his/her family. The parents must of paid for the tuition, acting/singing/intrumental classes and taught the child how to be kempt and presentable.

Meaning a loving, caring family would never produce a delinquint rebel (most of the time). These 4 aspects have yet to be sorted it out it's jumbled up like the Rubik's cube. With each turn and switch we do, we risk making a mistake and having to turn more rounds unpuzzling our life. There is no manual how to live life but there is help to guide us to make the right decisions.

The people we let into our lives, we give them the power to destroy us. The devil will try to crush us and give us unbearable pain. I believe many of us have reached a point in our lives that we're so so screwed up and the hollowness is a void you feel, can never be filled.

Alcohol, drugs, sex, relationships and many other unappropriate manners to feel complete and delirious. I could understand why so many girls do what they do. Sleeping around to oppose their parents, I once felt like deflowering myself to fudge them up. I prayed and thought about again, I would only make myself more angry. Cheapening my body would not change anything, as a result, I would lose my self-respect as well.

Very true what the Bible verse says: The Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.

So many times, I was angry...at myself, at my parents. For the way things happen, why didn't she listen to me? Why did I ask for it? What on earth was I/she thinking?! I wish they would just die already!! GOD doesn't play it that way, if He would let our problems die off then there would be no mountain to climb.

Sometimes, we almost reach the peak and an avalanche occurs. Everything falls a part and you get so frustrated and mad.

Like what a pastor said,"There is no testimony without a test and no message without a mess."

Wise guy, ugh. This is when we're being burned, a test of character. Our weaknesses will surface and you get to see who your friends really are. Will they care to help or choose to ignore and leave? The Bible also talks about friends and loners, when we're a pack, we're so much stronger together. Loners get eaten in the wild, when an animal strays away from it's herd. Predators prey on it, very unlikely would it survive.

We're exactly the same. Everywhere's a warzone, cussing people on Cboxes, insulting each other on forums and blogs. Hating people without a reason (stupidest thing ever). I've heard many of MY friends saying they don't like a person 'cus he/she has a 'face problem'. Excuse me? What's that supposed to mean? The people who said this were hypocrites and bias in every way. Not that intelligent either.

I was really amazed by how people could hate someone without even knowing them and upon meeting the person they act friendly. Talk about honesty man. So figuring out what's right and wrong, who to be with and who to avoid, to study hard and succeed, respecting our body and caring about others is basically what life is about.

Given multiple choices, you decide which one to choose and if it's right, you'll begin finding the missing pieces of your life.


*coughs* Was TOTALLY not trying to sound smart or anything. Just a sudden inspiration when I found the dog biting the Rubik's cube apart *smacks* I'm sure he's gonna be dead when she gets home. It was supposed to be a present for someone and I guess it dropped on the floor. That Pomeranian bites anything he sees.


DanSquirrels said...

Wow, just, dang, girl I'm speechless. Bravo. Really...

I envy your moment of clarity and sudden inspiration you had there, i could use one of those >.<

Missyve said...

LOL, thanks Dan. Don't take it seriously though, I don't know if I made sense either.