Friday, May 22, 2009

Me, a critic?

3 days after the grand finale of Malaysian Dream Girl's second season at The Curve, I received an e-mail from Kenny with the title "Zoe, the fashion critic". I thought he was informing me about someone criticizing my clothes till I opened the attached file.

I was lmao. I was really bored and couldn't get any nice shots of the models so I moved to the front. Wanting to save my batteries since it was the last bar I just observed them, not pleased.

I know it's huge but you can't see my nonchalant facial expressions in the medium sized one.

Hmm. Let me try being a critic and summarize everything real quick!

Loved the clothes.
Liked the make-up.
Noticed their flabby thighs, they were actually jiggling on the runway. Even though they're skinny, they're made up of more fat than lean muscles. Baddd.
Disliked the hair.
Hated the walk.

Aiya, it was boring. I prefer the models in the first season, even though I didn't watch either (except for the auditions). I've got a knack the first one was more entertaining.

As for this photo... I have absolutely no comments.


Tzy Wen said...

you look like the evil character Miranda in the devil wears prada

Corynn said...

Love your facial expressions. So funny!

Missyve said...

Tzy Wen- Honesty is hurtful at times.

Corynn- Haha, they were all candid, ahhh.

Tzy Wen said...

But would you rather be told lies and be blinded from the truth?

Missyve said...

I meant me, you're talking abt the devil wearing prada and referred to me as Miranda. So I was saying I'm honest.

Tzy Wen said...

Oh, that made more sense now. Could have just said "Yea, I like hurting people and I don't ever euphamise"