Friday, May 29, 2009

MAS dinner gathering

It all started on a Saturday evening where I was faithfully attending church just like every other week. Even though I dreaded going knowing the time wastage and fellowship that I never really enjoyed I still went for the sermon. As a matter of fact, the only thing I like about my church is the preaching.

The pastors usually preach very knowledgeable stuff that's very beneficial to my development of trying to be a better person. They don't just say a verse and expound on it like other conservative churches. Oh yeah, anyways, to my surprise, I saw Thomas! First time seeing him there and Pam Song was right behind him.

He asked where I was going and I reluctantly said "..I don't know.. somewhere for dinner with my cellgroup." I asked him where he was going and he said to a blogger gathering. I asked if I could go as well and he agreed and that was how we got this very nice polaroid photograph.

They were actually announcing winners that blogged about the promotional packages by Malaysian Airlines. Congratulations :)

GOD is good.. no, GREAT. This pudding is heaven, I took like 5 of those. Yumyum.

For that, I love MAS very much. (Great pudding you ordered!) Not to mention their service is impeccable. Nope, I've never flown their planes before but if they know how to choose good pudding, they know how to serve people.

No, Thomas, you can't fly to Hong Kong for free. Bummers.

Oh, saw Kenny there. He always says the nicest things like, "What are YOU doing HERE?!" For the MDG audition, for this MAS dinner and in the future, everywhere. Hmm, makes me feel so welcomed! :D I told him that I thought Ringo was evil for not smiling back at me.

Kelvin and Kenny were the funniest guys there.

I lovedddd the food, especially the fish with herb sauce but nothing, I mean nothing, can beat the PUDDING!!!! Maybe alphabet pasta which is the coolest idea EVER but chocolate was a godsend. I think I'm straying from the topic, um, yeah.. MAS now stands for Most Awesome Stewards because they serve the most awesome foods.

That would make Thomas the most awesome person in Malaysia because he brought me there. Thanks for sending me back!

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yapthomas said...

4:15 am! Gosh! What are you doing so late at night!!??

"That would make Thomas the most awesome person in Malaysia because he brought me there. Thanks for sending me back!"

Just in PJ maybe. Not Malaysia, yet. :P and you're welcome...