Friday, May 22, 2009

Life sucks without technology AFTER ALL!

I haven't been online for a couple of weeks and the only time I get a few minutes to check my Facebook is when I borrow a laptop in church for a while. I've been trying to calm myself and cycle, watch documentaries, read and so on. I have not been studying because I have no more books and there was some complications at the homeschooling center.

It became worse when I accidentally dropped my cellphone in Andrew's car and I have been stripped of all technology except for the T.V. and my puny little Ipod Shuffle. I didn't mind, I thought it was good to be not be having a handphone around all the time. I mean, there were researchers that said it can damage your brain or whatever body part you put it closest to. I find that very true, I noticed that those who talk a lot of their cellphone were really dumb. Or maybe that's because they'd rather use their time talking than studying and those who study spend less time talking.

I don't know. To those who have tried to contact me this past week, I'm sorry! My phone is not with me. Anyhoo, I signed in MSN 10 minutes ago, it lagged considerably and FIGURES, there were 11 offline messages for me. 9 out of 11 was that weight-loss link virus thingy that everybody heard on the Oprah Show. So annoying!

On the other hand, I was bombarded with Innit Post links by Huai Bin, LOL. Whenever we post an entry on Innit and we don't see each other online we leave an offline message, counting the amount of nanging I missed, it sure seemed like a long time. Sorry :S

Yeah, I'll try to cook up some entry soon.

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