Monday, May 04, 2009

Jamie's birthday party; Cutting the cake (and eating it too)

Wokays, back to Jamie's birthday party.

*Flashback* Food was great, I ate loads, made new friends, yummy humongous grapes, saw two peeps make out and finally...

THE LONG-AWAITED CAKE! It says: Jamie Liew *Korean krap*

Her super-duper-uber loving and amazing mother.

*makes a wish* (Probably for a Korean boyfriend.)

and to make it more effective, she BLOWWWSS! Look how cute she is Z0MG, her cheeks expanded, filled with air.

Dress code was either pink or white or both! Yee Hoe and I were the only ones in pink. How awesome.

The girls.

The bloggers. On the bottom right is our horny look, Jeffro's really good at expressing himself. I didn't hear them telling the theme so I just smiled, BUMMERSS!!

Sri Garden students, aren't the ones at the back hunky? *eheheh*

If the whites and the pinks were to ever go to war, I'd strip. Seriously, look at them. 20 of them doing The Jamie Liew Pose, I'd be damned if i'm not on their side. O well, at least it wasn't so squeezy for us.

After countless of photo-taking, it was time to cut the Girl of the Day's cake.

Poppin' sparkling juice and drinking it from the bottle was tradition for her. It was my first time popping bottles and I did both of them!

She received many, many presents. I bought her a Korean-English dictionary in Popular last Friday.

Sandra, Joseph, Jamie and this other guy started a drinking game. It was HILARIOUSSSS! In the first picture, Joseph was slurring some sort of crap. The second was them playing the game, if you pulled out some card which would entitle you to change the rules, you could ask for anything.

So Joseph being an Engrish-flawed narcicisst commanded them to say his full name after completing a task (drinking). Sandra got the card after and added a cross-eyed face, failing to do so would result in you sipping the mixture of water and chivas again.

See how conked out she is.

That Chivas Regal is almost empty! There's barely enough to make two cups of it. I didn't play, I only had a sip to taste what it was like and it's BITTER! I'll never develope the love for alcohol, to me, the fun is only the high. Seeing them being silly was so entertaining.

Her actual birthday's on the 9th, so do remember to wish her. Happy birthday again, Jamie!

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