Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How's it been.

I'm sooo sorry guys, I really do miss blogging and it's been a week since I've updated. That's because I'm deprived of a PC. As much as I love blogging, I do not want to make it a habit to update daily as an obligation to myself or my readers. It is after all, a personal yet lively blog. I wouldn't want it to become too commercialized even though it might drive me more traffic.

Doesn't matter (much) anyways. A few things I haven't blogged about was the LG Angel or Devil event, it was nice. What sucked was that I screwed up my make-up. GIRLS, PUT CONCEALER BEFORE FOUNDATION ZOMG. Usually concealer is sheer so I put it after liquid foundation but I didn't know flash would expose everything.

Let's see, what else... Joseph's birthday, my other friend's birthday mini celebration where we had a bottle of whistle whiskey and two liters of F&N Zapple! to mix with. That certain person (gonna protect identity until further notice) wanted to get drunk for the first time of his/her life so since he/she was already legal, I thought it would be alright to experience it for once.

Thattttt was a bad idea. I mean, nobody was harmed, nothing bad happened. The most was a little bruise on shis* knee. What I read 10 minutes ago was that being drunk was a SIN! Zomg, I was like HAR? And I was damned because whenever I drank wasn't because I enjoyed alcohol but I was actually binging. I'm glad I read it just now fearing I might have started to abuse alcohol. I definitely do NOT want to be dependent on any substance that would harm me.

I absolutely don't wanna get any dumber as well. Another interesting experience I might add is going to some area in a nice little forest to see a handful of campers. What I actually witnessed before my eyes was the making of a weed stick. I'm not gonna clarify that into something more obvious but yeah, it was so cool. No, I didn't take a puff. Cross my heart and hope to die, poke a needle through my eye, I DIDN'T!

So you see, parents, sometimes prohibiting children from seeing these things won't keep them clean but increase their curiosity and make them experiment with it. Later in life when they've gotten their independence they are so gonna get stoned. I think the better way is to educate them about the effects and warn them about trying it so at least they'd know something about it and not figure it out themselves. *smart ass*

Yeah well, like I said, interesting experience. At least they weren't taking magical mushrooms or whatever it's called. Um um um, moral of this post is: STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS AND DON'T TAKE DRUGS!

I know I know, look who's talking. :/

Update when I can. Oh btw, this is my 500th post, hurray.


Corynn said...

Yay to 500 posts!

anne marie isabelle said...

darling... ur suppose to put it after foundation dan cover if with loose powder!... den the flash doesn't expose it...still hv lots to learn oh...