Monday, May 04, 2009

Hannah's birthday at Senjyu Sushi

Happy birthday, Hanny! You're officially 18 and you can now stop talking about the day you turn 18 and get all your fleedum. On her birthday, which was a Sunday, we went to The Pyramid and bought three tickets for the movie "He's Just Not That Into You". With 4 hours to waste, we walked around and ate at Senjyu (or something) Sushi.

The wasabi here is fresh, not out-of-the-tube like most of the other Japanese restaurants. I ALWAYS mix preserved ginger, wasabi and soy sauce together.

Birthday girl ordered Chicken Tempura Rice, if I'm not wrong.

We weren't shy from taking plates from the revolving belt. The bottom left is so silly, Leon took a bite out of it and seeing that I wanted to take a picture of it put it back.

What I loved best about the place wasn't just the sushi but the BLING-BLING PLATES! Okay, maybe not bling-bling but sparkly, glittery, pretty plastic things.

This glittery gold plate costs 10 bucks, not the dish as in the *captain obvious* whole set. It's so nice she deserves to have a solo picture of her own. Mango peel wrapped around triangular sushis. Yum.

For dessert, Lemon Sorbet.

We were done and stuffed. We stayed for another 10 minutes, being so full and free. The bill came to about 60 bucks which wasn't bad for 3 persons. Another 2 hours and 45 minutes till the movie so we walked around.

Leon bought something for Hannah which would count as her cake. Funny, I had cupcakes as a cake for my birthday as well. O bums, I spoiled the surprise. I'll post up pictures of it next time. I have no idea how we walked off that 2 hours but we did and at 7 we caught the movie.

I know I look horrible sans make-up but I only had 4 hours of sleep.


Serge Norguard said...

uuuwwaaa ... hungry

Missyve said...

Yesss, veli nais.