Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Burger Shop

Andrew picked me up from church while Christopher followed behind. We were on to something. I was full, eating 2 pieces of Dominoes' pizza and an egg tart from my cell group meeting. Arriving at SS15, they parked their cars and we stepped out.
Nearby was a stall, a BURGER stall.

Jeffro, Soon Seng and Alex came too! I didn't know this was some burger gathering. I didn't like the sight of the menu 'cus all I saw was chicken and beef. Fish was myt saviorrr! So I ordered fish with mushroom burger, I don't know about the rest.

Our burgers were a treat by Andrew, thank youuu! I liked gthe crispiness of the filet but everything was dripping out. My nails were sunk into the 'bun' and that was how I gripped the slippery burger. My fingers stank afterwards, I totally told myself I would never use my hands again if I ate there.

Jeffro, me, Christopher, Andrew, Soon Seng and Alex.

Christopher was really sad after a defeated match of futsal. Nicely edited by Alex.


Jeffro is being such an angel comforting while Andrew's look is of pure evil!

It was nice, you should try it out! It's near Asia Cafe (SS15) and as you can see in the picture, opposite Berry Passion.

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