Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Before and the day after the birthday party

Reaching early for Jamie's party, Christopher couldn't resist the food stalls opposite her condominium. See that plastic bag to the right? It's full of you tiao (oily sticks) and other fried stuff. (I betcha diet is going well!)

This is a vain shot by a vainpot.

If that's not enough, he's trying to make me look vain. Aha, I didn't pose did I? Oh look, Lori Gewa! Whatever that means, I'm guessing.. Lorry Service?

If you haven't seen me eat sweet junkies, that's good. I remember in Joseph's birthday party Wilson and Jason saw me eating my third serving of his Secret Recipe Banana Chocolate cake and Wilson called it my weak moment.

I totally know gluttony is a sin. Discipline is the way, the hardy hard way.

Don't ever go out on a donut date with me. It's horrifying.

After the party, blo0p blah boo. I stayed over Jamie's place with her best friend Sandra. We slept at 4A.M. and Jamie woke up at 9 which is crazy! She was taking pictures of her presents and doing stuff. In the afternoon, we made some sushi which never happened for her party.

Sushi wrap, fish eggs and crap meat. Omg, genuine typo, crab meat.

Jamie demonstrated how to roll the sushi and stuff. Now it reminds me how the other guys prepared marijuana into a cigarette, it's really interesting! No worries, I didn't take a puff. I don't do drugs!

The ugly, uneven sushis were made by me. It was my first time :( Her grandmother had some and when Christopher came over, Jamie packed the rest for him.

It's uberly fun, I wanna make popsicles next time.
Lemon, orange, apple, grape, berry popsicles and fudgicles!

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