Monday, April 27, 2009

Zoe Life.

Can anybody name out the seven most deadly sins?

1) Lust,
2) Gluttony,
3) Greed,
4) Sloth,
5) Wrath,
6) Envy and
7) Pride

The exact opposite would be our virtues: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility.

I've always been thinking. Sometimes too much. Yay finally, I've reached the 10th grade and in my homeschool Science book they often talk about GOD. It is a Christian/American syllabus so much of our study is reflected back to GOD. They were talking about evolution and creation-the two conflicting theories.

I never wanted to be looked upon as a blind person. I didn't want to question God either. I want the truth, is my faith just a delusion or is evolution an inaccurate false conclusion? (O' cool that rhymes.)

I don't know but time will tell. Why am I a Christian? Am I living a double life or am I just human? Questions that often circle in my head is whether I will go to heaven, if I will see my two dead (miscarried) siblings, why GOD created us knowing the outcome, whether animals had souls and some other mysterious unraveled prophecies in Revelation.

I thought maybe GOD was an evil one, lying about being compassionate and since He is our Creator and made us with finite minds. He is capable of tricking us into thinking He's loving, faithful and majestic. Maybe He's just one God out of many and every god owned a universe. That would make sense, right? They all agree not to mess with each other's business and do as they please.

That got me really worried. If that was so, the Bible would be a lie, my faith would be pointless. Our souls would be doomed no matter what we did, nothing would save us since our Creator is a conniving little herculean trickster. I believe my doubts vanished when the Holy Spirit reminded me of Genesis.

In the beginning, GOD created the heavens and the earth. There was Adam and out from his ribs came Eve. The Fallen Angel A.K.A Lucifer who was playing the snake character there prompted Eve about the forbidden fruit-apples.

I wondered to God why were we being punished for their mistakes, why were we affected and continued on this vicious sinning cycle. Epiphany(or the unrealized truth): GOD loves everything He created, with love comes respect and therefore; gave us a free will. If there was no forbidden tree, there would be no test of our obedience.

Control is what we want but it's hard to control ourselves. We want other people to listen to us, do what we say, agree with our opinions, propagand them to support us, etc. We kill whoever opposes us. If we controlled our vices; the thoughts of power and dominion perhaps, we wouldn't be so manipulative.

Reading the Bible, there are many truths in it. The only thing questionable is the history, did it all really happen? Of course, God's actions as well. GOD hates sin, many people have asked why GOD didn't destroy Satan. It would of solved everything! Again, I bring back the respect that the LORD gave to us which is free will.

So the only thing He will do is punish, naughty naughty. "The wages of sin is death," the Bible states. The only way to receive salvation is through Jesus and repentance. Looking at it the more simple and primitive way answered most of my questions.

GOD really loves us and will never force us to do anything. It is because of our stubbornness that we have to learn it the hard way. So yes, I am posting this up as a reminder. If I ever stray from my faith and if I ever act in a way that is unbecoming. I will remember the beginning and how it resulted and most importantly GOD's grace through it all.

As long as I have faith and obey His Word, heaven is promised to me. I hope that this fear leads to love. I was going to talk about the seven sins but one thing lead to another and I guess I'll talk about it another time.

Just a thought. (:

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