Wednesday, April 01, 2009

World Hunger and Poverty

Advertisements really works! I was checking out my e-mail when I saw this 30 Hour Famine announcement. I clicked on it and to my surprise, their campaign was starting tomorrow. Their campaign of starving for 30 hours to experience what the children in not only third world countries but poor families experience.

I haven't fasted in a year. I guess I can treat this as a pious sacrifice and a public display as well. Just visit it won't you? Donate if you can or stop bad habits such as wasting food and rather than buying a pack of cigarettes you can give that money to charity.

I'm gonna give it a try. I'm definitely gonna drink water, dehydration is detrimental to my health! Most of us only experience hunger on a small scale, like skipping a meal or two but not eating for days is crazy. It's the children that matters, they're gonna be malnourished.

I'm more mad at the adults sleeping around, WHY ARE THEY SLEEPING AROUND ANYWAYS?! Rather than sending them food we should be giving them condoms for this-overpopulated-world's sake! Or make all the males eunuchs then help them with their basic needs. That would prevent this ongoing crisis.

As much as I thank God for not being as unfortunate as they are, I think the parents should of thought twice before laying with each other. Rapes are pardonable but com'on, a family? You want children to have a complete family without even thinking about the consequences. Putting education aside they can't even afford makanan.

Gr. We should be de-sexing them! Yeah, castration is a good idea. Ahem, so... change of plan. Donate money to the poor, innocent CHILDREN. While for the older people, it's their fault and they should be educated about what happens when they give in to their carnal urges.

Hey, I really think bombing them with condoms is a much better idea than allowing them to reproduce another soul to suffer in this evul, evulll world. Wait, they don't know how to use them :/ Can't read manuals either.

Time for charades, LULZ.

Don't know, gonna go to sleep now. It's almost 5 o'clock in the morning!


stephanie k said...

yea i know! i read abt tat too tru .. wtf rite?

shadowking said...

Lol bombing them with condoms :D
would probably solve alot :D

really cool that you wanna stand up for the children
and try to not eat for 30 hours

I wouldnt be able to do that
hunger is the one thing i definitly cant stand.
I cant concentrate. I get bad mood.
so i wont try that