Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why you should never invite me to house warmings.

I am a really curious person, that's how I obtain all my knowledge. Not implying that I'm knowledgeable or intelligent, I only know stuff when I seek the answer. I don't just read things I'm not interested in just to know more, I have got to have the slightest bit of interest to enquire.

It's a bad thing sometimes, when I probe too much. I learned to become less touchy after this incident. We were invited for this big house warming in Puchong, hundreds of people came, a rich family who recently moved into a bungalow and the father became a Datuk on a discounted price. My mother said you had to pay forty or four hundred grand to the uh... old guy who owns Malaysia. Ummm.

I don't know, don't really care about politics. Yeah, and he only had to pay 30 or 300 thousand because he was a personal friend of the secretary (woo). It was obvious they were just showing off because they invited SO MANY people and their house was all arranged by feng shui. There was no homely feeling, all modern furniture, golden dragons in glass cases, frogs, turtles, whatever animals said to bring prosperity to them. The children's room was so neat, not much toys only their closets were filled with clothes.

It was a 3-storey bungalow, impressive indeed. Beautiful garden at the front porch and at the sides there was a pond with a mini fountain. They decorated their house very extravagantly. I checked out their highest floor after exploring the first two and it was an office. Paintings and portraits leaned against the wall, yet to be hung up. There was a beautiful globe.

Isn't it just... PWETTY?! Yeah yeah, I KNOW RIGHT. So I slowly spun it around while fingering the surface, taking a look at Malaysia and trying to spot that tiny dot - Singapore. And then, uh, you see that crystal diamond on the 'axis'? It's not representing the moon.

You see, what happened was it was on top of the... the [fill it in yourself because I don't have any idea what it's called] and I was like, "Whoa, pretty diamond." So I touched it and rubbed the bevels or ridges, whatever they're called. How the hell did I know it wasn't efficiently glued. IT CAME OFF *wtf* I looked back to see if anyone was there because dozens of people were walking about in the house just checking it out.

I tried sticking it back but it wouldn't hold. I looked for glue on his office table but all I could see was a stick, a yellow glue stick. Useless. This reminded me of the movie 'Princess Diaries', the scene where Princess Mia accidentally chipped off a finger from a statue and got so anxious. That was exactly how I was feeling, being a total klutz all the time.

I couldn't have left it on his table or hide it in my pocket like that crystal diamond mysteriously disappeared out of no where, I didn't want to be a thief either. Without much thought and not wanting to be caught as I saw an uncle approaching I placed it on the metallic axis and scurried away.

I hope there weren't any CCTVs in that million-dollar property and I hope they glued it back well. :S

6th February, 2009


Reuben said...

Lol... You sounded like some kinda sakai! Lets assume that you are princess Zoe in the future.

Missyve said...

What's sakai?! Hahah, I would love to be a princess, hee.