Monday, April 20, 2009

When work is play

This was taken last Friday. This is my workplace. I'm promoting a new optic fiber broadband service. Not advertising for them but the banners all over the place so I'm not gonna blur it all and I do owe them a little considering the minimal work I've done.

I've been less than enthusiastic because of the shitty pay but I gotta say, I LOVE MY JOB! Online allll dayyy... only explaining some stuff to customers. Usually I don't bother attending to them and let my colleague do all the work because I don't think Sin Chew (newspaper company who owns the network) deserves the extra effort with their stinginess.

12 hours for 40 bucks. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, OMIGAWD. You EDUCATED people work a 9 to 5 job earning 100 bucks or more a day. Yes, I geddit. I should study... and I am. I was fiddling around with the camera and saw this 'ratio' function.

4:3 with flash. Big frame, yellowish hue = no likes.

3:2 without flash. Slightly longer, incandescent kaler = preferred.

Flash ruins landscape pictures! I'm still new to all this so it's gonna take a while to learn the functions. Just now, it was really scary. I glanced behind me and saw a Malay male and turned away and immediately looked back. He was holding a rifle. A damn long one too.

I gave him this freaked out look and searched for mommy with my eyes. When I spotted her I asked, "Mom, who's the guy holding a gun standing behind me? *worried tone*" I had a fear he was gonna blow my head off or rob me of that 10-ringgit note I was holding in my hands. LOL.

"Oh, he's the guard. He doesn't want to stand in front there ma."

True, he might scare all the shoppers away AND there is a jewelery shop right opposite of our stall. I should be feeling safe rather than threatened but hey, who would if they knew a creepy-looking man with a rifle was standing right behind ja. I don't have eyes on the back of my head PEOPLE!

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